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Hands-On with the Game Boy Advance!

June 14, 2001

Even though the Big 3 console systems are grabbing all the headlines, Jason insists that the Game Boy Advance is the only Sure Thing out there. He backs that up with a couple of reviews of some excellent GBA launch titles, the ubiquitous Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 and a nifty cart racer, F-Zero. We'll be featuring loads of GBA coverage, and even our PC guys are "sorta interested" in the system. Does the hand-held console finally come of age with the GBA? Read on
The Dumbed-Down Future of Computer Games 

He's finally digested what he saw at E3, and he's not entirely happy. Resident doomsayer and RPG aficionado Matt foretells a time when computer games are geared towards the casual gamer, simplified in gameplay and theme, and produced by an evil cartel of Hollywood-style movers and shakers. Are we at the end of the golden age of computer gaming? Will PC games become nothing but glorified console games? Should we anticipate a Dumbed-Down Future of Computer Games

Air Command 3.0 Review (PC)

June 12, 2001

ac3-1.jpg (3864 bytes)Been doing much air travel lately? Spent much time waiting for landing stacked up over O'Hare while that Cubs game you've got tickets for is about to start? Think you could do better than whatever &%#$! moron is controlling the airspace? Well, Shrapnel Games gives you a chance to test your mettle in Air Command 3.0, which allows you to take a shift as an ATC. It's simple and spare, but it's also a terrific gaming experience.
Spiderman Review (DC)

spidey1.jpg (6292 bytes)Finally a game that allows you to do whatever a spider can. Spiderman for the Dreamcast has tons of villains, gameplay that goes all over the map, and those nifty Dreamcast graphics. Jason's our superhero comic book aficionado, and Jason says this is the best comic book-based video game yet. We don't argue with him about stuff like that.

Tropico Review (PC)

June 8, 2001

trop3.jpg (8522 bytes)Ever think, hey, if that Castro dude can run a tropical island, so can I? GoD and PopTop allow you to see if you're dictator material in Tropico. Guide your small island from insignificant rock-in-the-water to socialist worker's utopia or capitalist tourista's paradise or even a rebel-ridden craphole. With compelling gameplay, loads of local flavor, and enough depth to keep even the most hardened strategy gamer happy, Tropico is a sun-drenched gem.
Gigawing 2 Review (DC)

scrn04-01.jpg (8528 bytes)Capcom brings us another top-down shooter, Giga Wing 2, and it looks like this might be a title to pass on. Clocking in at a whopping 20 minutes, and rewarding brute force over tactics or skill, the best you can hope for from this baby is a grand mal. But don't worry if your seizure makes you lose, because there are infinite continues. Like hell. Click here.

Super Bombad Racing Review (PS2)

June 4, 2001

LucasArts brings us a kart racer obviously designed with kids in mind. Unfortunately, Super Bombad Racing drives more like a granny game, and taxes your nerves more than serious interrogation by the Dark Knights of Sith. On the other hand, bumping Jar Jar into the Sarlacc Pit is pretty dang fun. Racers to your marks.

Confidential Mission Review (DC)

June 1, 2001

CONFID55.jpg (6906 bytes)Sega brings us another arcade on-rails shooter, which is good, because it's been awhile. Confidential Mission doesn't surpass House of the Dead 2, but it does provide a good half hour of bad guy poppin'. With a cool Partner mode and some nifty mini-tasks, it's not a bad diversion at all. That is, if you own a light gun. Report for duty, special agent.

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX Review (PSX)

May 29, 2001

Mat Hoffman ventures into the world of videogames with Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX. The closest sibling to THPS and its glory, can Hoffman hold up under pressure? Or is MHPB just another in a long line of painful memories for the man whose broken more bones than Evil Kneivel? Click here.
Nyko Zoom Light Review (GB)
zoom_lightsmall.jpg (3701 bytes)Nyko helps solve the problem of adjusting your magnifier by melding the magnifier and light into a nifty little hood for your GBC or GB Pocket. It's called a Zoom Light, and we think it's mighty fine. Plus, it doesn't wear down your batteries too much. Come to the light.
Unison Review (PS2)
Tecmo gets a little groovier with its latest, Unison: Rebels of Rhythm & Dance. You get to help three lovely, cartoon ladies bring the boogie back to civilization. In a land without the funk, you are humanity's only hope. Gotta have that funk.
Merchant Prince II Review (PC)

May 25, 2001

If you've got a Machiavellian nature and a high threshold for steep learning curves, you'll probably enjoy Merchant Prince II, Talonsoft's turn-based strategy game that puts you in control of a Renaissance-era city-state. It's more of a remake of the classic than an entirely new game, and the interface is unwieldy, but there's a good game in there if you can find it.  
Outlive Review (PC)
We thought only the Koreans made egregious Starcraft knock-offs, but now--live from Brazil--comes Outlive, a game that takes derivative and repetitious gameplay and lowers it to an entirely new level. Interested in RTS's that really rock? Give this one a pass and check out Kohan

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