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Chaos Legion Review (PS2)

October 1, 2003

Capcom’s Chaos Legion storms its way into the gaming scene. Leading a legion of troops against 30+ enemies on screen at once, a little Devil May Cry, a little Dynasty Warriors, loads of hack and slash, and ultimately boring as hell. Eric tells us why right here.

Chameleon Controller Review (PS2)

Need a new controller but you’re a little nervous about buying a 3rd party product? You’re not alone. Hey, we’ve all been burned by inferior 3rd party products at one time or another. Lucky fo us, Pelican Accessories is looking to change all that with their new Chameleon controller–and it’s a winner. Click here for the scoop

Magic Pengel Review (PS2)

So you feel like picking up a fighting game, but you also feel like drawing.What should you choose? What ever will you do? You’re in luck because now you don’t have to choose. Enter Agetec’s Magic Pengel, where you draw your own character and send it off to arena combat. It’s a fun idea and a cute game, but is it deep enough to satisfy? Click here to ask Monica.

Silent Line: Armored Core (PS2)

Agetec delivers its latest installment to the Armored Core series, Silent Line, much to the delight of the die-hard Armored Core fans. But despite notable improvements, to most of us Armored Core: Silent Line is just another Armored Core title we didn’t play. Click here to find out why.

Puzzle Fighter II Review (PS2)

Masterful puzzle action finds its way to the Gameboy Advance with Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo–one of the most addictive puzzle games available. Just make sure you have a system link if you want to dive into the multiplayer action. If you dig puzzle games, click here now

Tetris Worlds Review (XBox)

Classical puzzle action finds its way to the Xbox in Tetris Worlds, complete with addictive gameplay and even Xbox Live multiplayer action. On the downside, it’s still just Tetris. Click here to find out if it’s for you.

Soul Calibur II Review (Xbox)

September 12, 2003

Three years after breathing life into the Dreamcast, Namco Launches a sequel to the legendary Soul Calibur. Is it as good as the original? Nope-it's a whole lot better. Stunning graphics, beautiful environments, varied gameplay and surprising depth are just a few of the reasons that make this the best fighter on the market-no matter what system you have. Click here for the whole review.

Brute Force Review (DVD)

After months of hype, Digital Anvil’s Brute Force arrives on the XBox. But is it everything it's supposed to be? Not quite. Questionable teamwork, glaring holes in multiplayer modes, and some gameplay issues keep Brute Force from being the game we hoped for. Click here for the whole discussion.

PSP Preview

A lot of this year's E3 buzz was about SOny's PSP handheld gaming device. That's a lot of talk about somehting no one has seen before, as Gary Wong tells us. GF's newest writer delivers a fantasic analysis of the handheld market, a look at its historical context, and it's chance at knocking off Nintendo's handheld behemoth.   Click here for a look at the future of handheld gaming.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Review (Xbox)

August 28, 2003

BioWare's latest foray into the console market has been a resounding success. There's a good reasons why Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been burning up the sales charts this summer: It freaking rules. Play as a light side or dark side jedi, save wookies, travel to exotic worlds and kill maneating beasts. How much better does it get? Click here for the whole review.

The Future of Videogames 2k4 Review (DVD)

NextGen Videos brings us yet another installment of their Future of Videogames series. The Future of Videogames 2k4 is a stellar improvement over last year's edition, featuring 4 DVDs packed full of awesome game coverage, interviews, walkthroughs and more. If you want to see everything coming out for the next year or so, be sure to pick up this bad boy. Click here now.

Intellivision Greatest Hits 20th Anniversary Edition Review (PC, Mac)

A beloved name in the gaming industry is Intellivision. This venerable system was a major player in the home console world until sometime around 1985 or so. Now you can relive all those good times with Intellivision Greatest Hits 20th Anniversary Edition. The collection packs 25 of the best Intellivision games, all waiting for you to bust your thumbs over them. Click here for more.

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