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Auto Modellista Review (PS2)

April 26, 2003

Capcom's radical visual take on auto racing has generated a lot of buzz for Auto Modellista. There is no doubt the game looks stunning, but what's under the hood? It turns out some 60 licensed vehicles, online multiplayer, and even a funky VJ mode for all you hipsters out there. Check out the complete review right here.

Clock Tower 3 Review (PS2)

The survival horror genre has been a bit quiet lately, but our old buddies at Capcom hope to remedy that situation promptly. Clock Tower 3 places you in the role of a little girl who must help restless souls find peace and fight off six maniacal serial killers all by herself with only a bow and arrows. How much scarier does it get? Click here.

X-Files: Resist or Serve Preview (PS2 & Xbox)

That gorgeous mug at right can only mean one thing: another X-Files game. X-Files: Resist or Serve should be a worthy adaptation, mainly because veteran developer Black Ops is taking the title in what sounds like the perfect direction: a third-person action narrative focusing on spooking the alien mind control oil right out of you. Click here.

Postal 2 Review (PC)

April 11, 2003

Independent game developer, Running With Scissors, has finally delivered the sequel to their highly controversial shooter. Postal 2 sports spiffy graphics and enough off-color jokes to satisfy a whole room of 14 year olds. But is there more to this game than gags and guts? Click here for the whole review.

Highland Warriors Review (PC)

For those of you who can't get enough Scots, Data Becker has released a real-time strategy title that packs in loads and loads of kilts. Highland Warriors will have you traversing the bonny landscape with your beskirted army, bent on destroying those English pig dogs. Yay! Click here for more.

Everquest Online Adventures Review (PS2)

April 2, 2003

SCEA ha brought their venerable PC hit to the PlayStation 2, and Everquest Online Adventures is a sight to behold. Sporting some improved visuals plus the same addictive gameplay and persistent world, EOA finally introduces console gamers to the joys of showerless weeks spent adventuring with strangers. Ah, life...  Click here for the review.

Winning Eleven 6 International Review (PS2)

Konami has brought their worldwide soccer hit to the US, and fans of the futbol should be very happy. Winning Eleven 6 sports great graphics and intense gameplay that is sure to satisfy soccer fans of all types. It's tough to find good soccer games in the US, so show support for this one. Click here.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO Review (Xbox)

Xbox fans arguably get the best version of Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO. Not only does the old-school Xbox controller XXL sport the best button setup for fighting games of all the default system controllers, but this version of the game supports online multiplayer. Thing you can hang with the elite Japanese fighters? We doubt it. Click here for more.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Review (PS2)

Capcom's other latest offering is a revolutionary take on their established Breath of Fire series. Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter does two things very differently: First, it incorporates a way-cool cel shaded look. Second, the game structure and replay system are unlike anything we've seen in console RPGs. Read all about it here.

Trainz: Ultimate Collection Review (PC)

Australian developer, Auran, and popular sim/strategy publisher, Strategy First, have teamed up to put out Trainz: Ultimate Collection. Don't let that "z" fool you -- the only extreme aspect of this game is the insane depth, complexity, and attention to detail present in this ultimate train simulator. Railroad fans get thee to the videogame store. Click here for the whole story.

Freelancer Review (PC)

March 23, 2003

Microsoft's latest space epic is called Freelancer, and it's a ton of fun. Featuring a gigantic universe for you to explore, this game puts you in the role of a freelance trader and mercenary. Flying through the stars blowing stuff up has rarely been this much fun. Plus, it looks real pretty. Click here for the whole rundown.

Devil May Cry 2 Review (PS2)

Capcom's wunderkind, Dante, is back, and this time around everything is even cooler to look at, more outrageous, and, well, a lot like what you'd imagine. Devil May Cry 2 is a good game, but it doesn't pack the same wow factor as the original. Click here for more.

Rise of Nations Preview (PC)

Our man Todd is so stoked about Rise of Nations that he had to rewrite his whole preview after spending some quality time with another pre-release build. This time around the game is much more finished and we've really gotten a taste of what will make Rise of Nations a great title. Click here.

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