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by Sega

Ups: Amazing port; killer brawling action; incredible graphics; cool VMU games; DC original mode.

Downs:  If you don't like arcade-y games, don't bother.

System Reqs:
Sega Dreamcast

scrn_zombie1-01.jpg (4587 bytes)OK, grab your shotgun, practice your sweep kicks and dont forget to refuel your drill because a hoard of undead soldiers (UDS) are coming your way. Zombie Revenge is the latest "kill your neighbor because hes a zombie" release from Sega. Its gore and ooze dripping undead are straight from House of the Dead with a Dynamite Cop-style interface. ZR is a flawless port from the arcade version, with several additional perks to keep the home players attention.

ZR10-01.jpg (3300 bytes)Heres the scenario: The government is at it again with their "invincible soldier" strategy. They have placed a secret team of research scientists in the bowels of the earth to develop an army of the undead. The special team, appropriately named GOD, is eventually successful, if you can call it that. The undead disease is released and quickly turns the population into killer zombies. The zombies are terrorizing the area and pose a threat to the human race, so it is your job to stop them. Fortunately, the zombies are not as invincible as the government may have wanted and can be easily taken out by a few bullets or a couple of stiff kicks to the head.

scrn_zombie2-01.jpg (4621 bytes)You have the choice of playing one of three characters, Stick, Linda and Rikiya. Stick is a fairly rounded out character with a jump-kick special move. His parents are his link with GOD and the UDS project. Both were scientists working for GOD, but were seperated from him when he was very young. Linda is the standard "supermodel lookalike with a Mr. T. attitude" found in many games these days. She is slower than Stick, but it is hardly noticible. Lindas special move is the popular WWF "Jumping Pounce." Rikiya is a Japanese funkmaster with crazy hair, plus he has the power to shoot fire at his enemies.

ZR36-01.jpg (3750 bytes)The arcade mode for Zombie Revenge is a very slick port -- if you weren’t sitting on your comfy couch, you wouldnt know the difference. The thing is, the arcade version was made for the arcade where you are pumping quarters in faster than a zombie can say "Arrrgh." Thus the gameplay at home goes quickly. To counter this, Sega has added a good number of extras. First of all, there is the Original mode, which is a DC exclusive, but is only a one player game. You can, however, use this mode to play a character that you have been raising with the "Zombie Raising Game" for your VMU. To raise a zombie, you need to care for it in a Tamagochi-like fashon. There are two Mini-Games that you can play to entertain and train your zombie. Zombie Doubt is a game pattern choosing memory game that gives you the 3 or more symbols and then gives The Zombie that you raise with your VMU can also be used in the Fighting mode of the game. Fighting mode pits you player-against-player (or CPU) in a one-on-one combat scenario.

scrn_zombie3-01.jpg (4746 bytes)Control for the game is fair. You can move your characters around and aim decently. The response time would be the the one thing that Id want to improve on; sometimes I would get myself caught between a bunch of zombies and couldnt shoot fast enough to get myself out, no matter how hard I tried. The different characters are supposed to have different abilities, but I found that they were for the most part really similar.

ZR23-01.jpg (2534 bytes)The cinematics between the different areas were great. They didnt do much to improve the plot, but they were beautifuly rendered. There are also other parts in the game that really showed off the graphics power of the dreamcast. Shadows and lightcasting showed up well and were very realistic, and zombies spewed blood and guts with some nice splatter. The soundtrack was pretty much run of the mill, nothing that really made me feel creepy, but it kept the game going.

ZR15-01.jpg (2879 bytes)Overall, Zombie Revenge was a really fun game. The it took me about 15 or 20 minutes to get used to the controls, so the learning curve is pretty shallow. I was able to keep myself entertained for quite a while with the different game modes and I especially liked the VMU games – they are a fun thing to do when youre waiting for the bus or watching a late-night infomercial. If you liked the arcade Zombie Revenge or the Dreamcast Dynamite Cop, youre sure to enjoy the home version of Zombie Revenge. I know that after Im done writing this review Im going Zombie Fishing!

--Tim Johnson