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It’s not gambling, but it feels like it. takes a new approach to online gaming. You play for money – if you’re good, you could probably take a lot. If you’re no good, or even if you’re just average good, you might end up whittling away your purse. Overall, adds a whole new dimension to online gaming.

The basics are simple. You can sign up for the site, or not, and play a variety of fairly common online/parlor games. Games include: Brickout (i.e. a Breakout clone), Solitaire, Chess, Checkers, Free Cell, Darts, Jigsaw Genius, Tiles, and more. These games are generally familiar to most of the population, and the way they play on is about like any other online games site. does manage to work in some nice perks, such as being able to change the background on your cards, but otherwise works like any gaming site should – it’s simple and straightforward. Most importantly, it’s nice and quick, and over a couple weeks of play it never locked up or gave me blank pages.

You can play on for free, which is a must for newbies. Getting the hang of the games and understanding how the scoring is done on each game is essential to be the optimum competitor. Most games are played against a number of other users, although you generally play on your own screen (this is obviously not the case with the games like Chess and Checkers, which play like they do on most other sites). You can play all of the games either for free or for money.

The stakes aren’t exactly high at For between 50 cents and a couple of dollars you can enter a variety of games. There are brackets for Rookies and Advanced players, which actually could be a problem. If folks on Yahoo! Games snipe beginning players just to improve their ranking, imagine what could happen when money is on the line. Still, things seem to work pretty well so far. The low cost of getting into a game is excellent, especially since you will tend to win 150% or more back – if you win.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent set-up, and more reliable than gambling. If you know you have skills at Chess or Brickout, why not put them to the test? Perhaps the best thing has going for it is their introductory account, where you get $5 to play with for free. Those initial funds could last quite awhile if you know what you’re doing, and if you play carefully. But either way, has created a streamlined, easy-to-work and easy-to-look-at site that is a lot of fun. Whether you’re interested in the money or not, check them out.

Shawn Rider


Ups: Clean, easy interface; reliable; win money playing games you love; play for free.

Downs: You still need skills to win; losing money when you suck it up.

System Reqs:
Online gaming only, so you'll need a connection to the Web and a current browser.


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