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by Nyko

Nyko brings us another excellent accessory, and one of the most creative available for the GBA, the Shock and Rock. If you remember the Shock and Rock from the Game Boy Color, then you pretty much know what’s in store. But if you haven’t experienced the contentment of the Shock and Rock, then now is the perfect time. Combining a rumble pack, rechargeable battery, enhanced grip, and better sound, this is an all-around good idea to go with your GBA.

The Shock and Rock plugs into your battery compartment (say goodbye to that stock battery cover), and enhances the grip on your GBA by adding extra bulk below and behind it. The extra bulk is welcomed, as it makes the GBA feel more like a regular controller. Some gamers will like the ergonomic changes more than others, but I felt like it made the shoulder buttons easier to use. It also gives a little more to grab onto during those sweaty-palmed sessions on THPS2.

The recharging function is very good on the Shock and Rock. The battery gives you about 10-12 hours of play time, which isn’t bad. What makes it an even better rechargeable battery than many others, though, is that you can play while the unit is charging. There is no reason to stop playing your GBA, even to recharge. Charging takes about eight hours or so, and you’re cautioned to not leave the unit plugged in for more than 12 hours, but those are standard stipulations for rechargeable batteries.

The Shock and Rock also gives you a new set of stereo speakers for your GBA as well as an amplified headphone jack. The auxiliary speakers sound better than the GBA speaker, but you won’t notice a lot of stereo effect until you plug in some headphones. It does amplify the headphones a bit more than the GBA does on its own, but this is the least impressive aspect of the Shock and Rock. To compliment the enhanced speakers is a force-feedback rumble system. This is a very minor rumble, more like a DC rumble pack than the Dual Shock system. It also sounds a lot like a vibrator when rumbling, which is mildly embarrassing. Still, if you’re into rumble the Shock and Rock allows you to adjust the force-feedback to fit your mood.

The Shock and Rock is just a beautiful piece of accessory manufacturing. It has a host of switches and dials that allow you to use only the functions of the unit you want at the time, and to adjust how loud or rough your play is. Of course, turning off the rumble or sound lengthens the amount of gameplay you’ll get from the battery. With the added comfort and excellent recharging capabilities, I can recommend the Shock and Rock wholeheartedly. While it does add some bulk to your GBA, it’s not obscenely bulky, and the $24.99 price tag is worth it. Besides, you’ll want to let people know you’re playing with the Shock and Rock.

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Shawn Rider   (07/18/2001)


Ups: Multi-function; battery/AC adapter; comfortable grip addition; bumpin' speaks.

Downs: $24.99 price tag.

Platform: For use with Game Boy Advance


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