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Official Strategy Guide

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by BradyGames

Ups: Maps; secrets; all scenerios; great walkthrough; cool poster.

Downs: I'm not complaining.

System Reqs:
For use with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on the Sony PlayStation.

The latest thriller from Capcom, Resdent Evil 3: Nemesis, is just as dense as the first two in the series, and a whole lot tougher. There are more zombies, more complex tasks, much bigger environs, and that recurring Nemesis problem to worry about. Add to those troubles the fact that RE3 is an ever-changing adventure. Each time you run through you'll find something different, and there are lots of branching points, where you make a decision that affects how the game plays. It's a lot for one zombie-killer to handle, which is why the Official Strategy Guide from BradyGames comes in handy.

Considering RE3's difficulty and convoluted nature, it's remarkable that the strategy guide is so useful. But it is. You get a little backstory, in case you missed RE and RE2, and then the game basics are laid out, with a heavy emphasis on developing skill with the about-face and dodge moves. Maps are provided for every level, and notes are made about where you might find items. It is noted that, depending on which choices you make and a dash of chance, items may be found in one of several places. The guide also explains what will result from choosing different options in the Live Selection sections.

The walkthrough is very thorough, and even goes so far as to detail how to unlock new weapons, items, and the mini-game called The Mercenaries: Operation Mad Jackal. In this game you must run through Raccoon City, trying to reach your destination before running out of time and blowing up. You must fight monsters along the way to earn valuable time and money. You can then spend the money on items for use in the main game. The strategy guide gives a detailed walkthrough of how to win the game with each of the characters you can choose.

An easy reference section rounds out the guide, with a chart of the locations of weapons, keys, items, maps, and files. The files are also transcribed in the back of the guide, so you can read through them longingly when away from your PlayStation. There's also a spiffy RE3: Nemesis poster you can tear out and put up on your wall to scare Mom. Overall, the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Official Strategy Guide is a real asset to the die-hard survival gamer.

--Shawn Rider