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by Hasbro

Ups: Board game action and portability; just like the original; hotseat play up to 4 players.

Downs: Tricky menu system for auction and trade.

System Reqs: pocket

monopoly1-01.jpg (6584 bytes)Just to prove that the is good for something other than ports of old arcade titles, Hasbro offers us Monopoly, the classic board game. Just like the old family standby, the version of Monopoly is a run around Atlantic City, scooping up all the real estate you can and avoiding other players' properties. While it's not as action-packed as other games this fall, Monopoly does end up being one of the most satisfying plays on the pocket system.

We've all seen the PC ports of Monopoly, if just on commercials. The game is almost identical to the board game, but adds some cute little animations and eliminates the need for a committee to keep tabs on the banker. That fact alone can get rid of a lot of Monopoly controversy. The version is a lot like PC versions we've seen. There are cute little animations, and all the tedious work of banking and keeping track of properties is taken care of by the computer. All you have to do is hotseat it, but there's an advantage to hotseat play on a portable system: The can be passed around, so all us players have to do is sit back and watch our butts get bigger. Ain't technology grand?

monopoly2-01.jpg (6928 bytes)Passing the around is actually a lot of fun. It you a multiplayer mode, with up to four players allowed, that doesn't require the constant attention of everybody involved. It also doesn't require that everybody playing owns a and a copy of the cart, which is a bonus. With a game that can last as long as Monopoly, it would get really tedious to watch each and every person go through their turn.

All the basics of Monopoly are included. You can play any of the official rule variations by turning on and off rules on an options screen. You can also set up property trades and auction off property, although the menu interfaces for these are not so good. It takes awhile to figure out exactly what's going on, but once you get the hang of it you'll be auctioning and trading your way to Trump status.

Overall, Monopoly is one of the most fun games I've played on the It doesn't get as repetitious as some of the arcade ports, and it incorporates multiplayer that is really useable. The hotseat action is great, especially in situations where a Monopoly board isn't practical. And anyone who's played the board game version of Monopoly knows how incredibly addictive the game can be.

--Shawn Rider