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by Acclaim

Ups: Carts and combat; wacky race motifs; cool track editor. 

Downs:  No real downs, just overall fairly mediocre; weapons cause too much damage to too many racers.

System Reqs:
Sony PlayStation

rcr1-01.jpg (4806 bytes)Mediocrity is a funny thing. It's surprisingly hard to accurately explain, but since it's central to understanding RC Revenge I'm going to buckle down and give it a try. RC revenge is a cup of steaming hot coffee after a marathon run through the desert. Sure it's wet and that's what you need, but it's not quite what you had in mind and its not all that refreshing.

rcr2-01.jpg (3991 bytes)RC Revenge is essentially a cart racer. You're at the controls of a suped up radio control car and your racing scheduletakes you through cartoonesque race tracks such as a farm, a haunted mansion and a jungle. Occasionally the terrain will shift to a lake or a river and your vehicle will transform into a boat. This means some races will be done in car mode, some in boat mode, and some in both. Throughout the race your car picks up single use weapons such as missiles, bombs, and flamethrowers for some radio control madness.

rcr3-01.jpg (4221 bytes)Although the list of available races looks impressive at first, you soon learn that all of the races are conducted on only five stages. Races will vary by removing sections of the track, adding new sections to the track, and going around the track backwards. Although this provides a reasonable amount of variety in how you race the tracks, it doesn't provide a lot of scenery change and the same five basic stages soon grow repetitious.

Graphically speaking RC Revenge comes in at a solid below par. Although the tracks are done with a lot of color and personality, they're not very crisp. The car models are very small and rather plain looking with a disapointing lack of detail and only a couple of different colors in the entire car, making them look blocky and boring.

rcr4-01.jpg (4741 bytes)I'm a big fan of cart/combat racers for the simple reason that they're a lot of fun to play, and when it comes down to it, that's all that really matters anyway. RC Revenge does a pretty good job in this this department, but it's also fair to say that other cart racers have done it better. The control is a little shakey and this detracts from the overall experience. The computer controlled opponents essentially race in a block of cars and never really string out across the race track. This has several effects on gameplay. It means that with a couple of good moves and a little burst of speed, you can move up from last and pass the entire field with a single squeal of the tires. It also means that when your in the front of the pack you can tear up the track for two laps, take a corner a little too wide, get passed by seven cars and be back in last place. This means that it's less about how you do throughout the race, and more about how you finish the race. If you can stay with the pack until the end, you have a good chance of winning even if you've trailed the entire time. This is both good and bad. It's nice that RC Revenge manages to create some drama by keeping the races chaotic and close, but it's also frustrating and crowded. Since many of the weapons available dish out fairly widespread destruction, this compounds the problem. When you're stuck in the middle of a pack of eight cars, each one periodacally blasting most of the other ones, it means that no amount of skill will take you through. You just have to hunker down and hope you get lucky. Overall I would have liked to have seen a little more spacing between the CPU opponents.

rcr5-01.jpg (3775 bytes)RC Revenge does include a pretty cool track editor that allows you to use a variety of different terrain to create your ideal ideal track. I had a lot of fun with this feature, making rollercoaster tracks full of spiraling hills and massive downhill drops. You can put together some truly mad, crazy tracks and this was possibly my favorite part of the entire game.

rcr6-01.jpg (4864 bytes)When all is said and done RC Revenge is still a pretty middle of the pack racer. It's fun, but it's not fantastic. It certainly isn't bad in any discernable way, but it's not exceptionally satisfying either. It is probably best suited for cart racing fans who are dying for something new. For others it might make a better rent than buy.

--Jeff Luther