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Official Strategy Guide
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by BradyGames

Ups: Great maps; cool timeline; how to unlock bonus modes.

Downs: Timeline a little unrealistic.

System Reqs: To accompany the Dreamcast version of Blue Stinger.

eliot.gif (10285 bytes)BlueStinger is a pretty cool experience. It combines amazing graphics, puzzle solving, and destroying evil mutants into one great game. There are a lot of good things I could say about Bluestinger, but I have to admit that I got lost a few times trying to figure out what I was missing, what I was supposed to be doing, and where I was going. I guess I spent too much time hunting down mutants to beat with that damn awesome looking stun rod, and I forgot, well pretty much everything not directly pertaining to beating something to death with the stun rod.

Fortunately, BradyGames did a lot of the thinking for me in their strategy guide, and it contributed to my gameplay a lot. The guide has over fifty maps, one for anywhere you find yourself. All of these maps can already be pulled up from within the game, but the strategy guide also has all of the items on the map, as well as a detailed walkthrough that makes it darn near impossible to get lost, or to stay that way if you do. If you get stuck you can find out what you missed and go do it before the frustration levels get out of hand.

The Strategy guide also has a complete list of all the different monsters you face, and gives their hit points for all three difficulty levels. The guide contains a complete list and description of all the items and weapons available in the game and tells you where to find them, so you don’t miss a thing.

dogs.gif (9904 bytes)The final section of the guide tells you how to get those coveted secret modes: Elliot’s All weapons mode, Mad Mode which gives you two-hundred Hassy sodas, infinite ammo, and all of Elliot’s weapons upgraded to full auto, and finally, the bonus swimsuit mode. The first step in unlocking these features is completing the game in five hours. Toward that end the walkthrough has periodic time updates that tell you if you’re on track or if you need to pick up the pace. This is a great idea, and helps to keep you on track for the quick time. On the downside the time updates are for a blazing three hour and fifteen minute pace. Since you only need a time of five hours, you have an hour and forty-five minute cushion. The problem is that the three hour and fifteen minute time is almost impossible to keep up with unless you’ve already been through the games a few times. As a result you know you’re not on track to compete with their time, and you’re left trying to figure out if you’re still on track for the coveted five hour time--which sort of defeats the purpose of the time updates in the first place. I would have gotten more out of a more realistic time frame.

Nevertheless, this is a relatively minor complaint in a great strategy guide. Overall the guide was a great reference tool that frequently pointed me in the right direction and enhanced the game.

--Jeff Luther