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Power Grip Advance

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by Pelican Accessories

With the launch of the Game Boy Advance came a whole slew of accessories. There are such a variety of these accessories it becomes a task just to figure out what you will benefit from using. One accessory that actually saves you money is a rechargeable battery pack. A battery pack eliminates the need to buy batteries for your GBA ever again. The Power Grip Advance is not just a power pack, but it is also enhances comfort.

The pack itself can be recharged over and over again. It is believed that it can be fully recharged up to 500 times. I will take their word on this because I do have a deadline to meet. After sitting through the initial fourteen-hour charge period I was rearing to go. Actual gameplay time does vary. While playing with the Light Shield Advance on most of the time, I was able to squeeze about eight hours of play. But playing without the light attachment I was able to get over twelve hours of playing time. If you are an avid gamer this little pack can pay for itself within a month. In the long run it can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

The second in Pelican's one-two punch is the way that it increases the bulk of the GBA. There have been many complaints that the GBA is too small. I myself have had some problems with comfort. Certain games would make my hands cramp up within ten minutes. Here is where the Power Grip Advance shines. By doubling the thickness of the GBA it makes a dramatic increase in the comfort. While doubling the thickness it does not get itself in the way of the features. Games are still easy to get in and out. The power switch and the volume control are not blocked by the addition. There is even a belt clip for those of you who find that a GBA is stylish enough to wear.

You can tell by the number of stars given that the Power Grip Advance is not perfect. The battery itself is too big to use with just the battery cover that comes with the GBA, forcing those who like the original design to deal with the added bulk. Also, having a large battery pack forces those who want an extra battery charged when the other runs out (which is always nice) to also have to buy an extra grip. If Pelican would sell the battery separate it would improve much. The other issue is that during the charging period it says in the instruction manual that overcharging it can damage the battery. This means that in order to keep your battery working properly you have to keep track of when you began charging it.

The most damaging problem with the Power Grip Advance is that it eliminates certain people from purchasing this product. An accessory such as a battery pack should be targeted to every owner of the GBA, not just a group of them. The price is worth it at $14.99, but only if you are looking to add a little bulk to you system. Those of you that are searching for just a battery pack should look elsewhere.

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Jake Carder   (07/18/2001)


Ups: Added grip increases comfort; 8-12 hours of play time; stylish belt clip; $14.99 price tag.

Downs: Some gamers might not like grip feel; overcharging could damage it; takes a long time to charge.

Platform: For use with Game Boy Advance


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