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by Nuby

Have you ever purchased a portable gaming system, but getting a short time of gameplay from your batteries leaves you feeling that you are spending more money than you should? Well even though two AA batteries can last up to 15 hours in the GBA with no light peripheral used, I recommend a purchase of a rechargeable battery source. To get the best investment you need the product that will last the longest in order to maximize playing time. Some rechargeable batteries last under ten hours, which is a waste if you play even just every now and then.

Nuby pulls another serpent from their Cobra line to make your GBA playing experience more enjoyable. The most important thing that needs to be said is that this monster lasts up to thirty hours when fully charged. Thirty hours is a phenomenal amount of time for a rechargeable battery, especially for a game system. A full charge would last over two weeks at playing for two hours each night. There is even a button on the underneath of the battery that illuminates the eyes on the Cobra to show how powerful the batteries' charge is. This eliminates the guessing how much playing time is left on the batteries.

The Cobra power pack also comes charged already. You don't have to sit around for what seems like forever in order to use it. And at the end of the week if you feel like charging the batteries, you do not have to worry about draining the previous charge completely out before you can give it a good recharge. The way the battery system is set up you can charge it at any time. The Nuby web site says that it prefers that the battery be recharged frequently as it expands the battery's life potential. Never have I heard that the more you charge it the better the battery gets. With thirty hours of playing time, having a recharge that enhances the battery life, plus a way of checking the strength of the battery, how can you go wrong?

Now the minor details. There will be some people that will not like the sheer bulk of the pack. In order to last the length that it does I am not surprised of the size. It actually is nice to have, because I for one have some difficulties playing the GBA with it being so thin. The Cobra Power Plus Advance, even though the mass is right in the center of the system, still allows my hands to grasp the entire bundle making it more comfortable. It was quite disappointing though to open up the package and find out that there is a definite lack of instructions. I had to visit their site to get a better understanding of the product and to ensure that I would not do anything to damage either the battery pack or my GBA. While their web site benefited from my visit, and I learned what I needed to, no one should have to visit a site to get information on a product they already purchased.

Despite the lack of instructions or information enclosed with the Cobra Power Plus Advance, it has everything you want in a battery pack. No other battery gives the freedom to charge when you want and still maintain peak performance. This one is definitely worth the twenty dollar price tag. If you are looking for some rechargeable life for your GBA, the Cobra is all you should need.

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Jake Carder   (07/18/2001)


Ups: 30 hours of life; light to indicate battery strength; charging improves battery performance; good deal at $20.

Downs: Lack of instructions.

Platform: For use with Game Boy Advance.


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