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by BradyGames
Rodriquez y Gibson

Ups: Good bestiary; nice design; some useful strategies. 

Downs:  Sometimes the strategies are pretty obvious.

System Reqs:
For use with PC version of V: TM Redemption.

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You'd think strategy guides are strategy guides are strategy guides. Just another racket to make some dough off us poor pc gaming suckers. This particular guide, however, is an excellent supplemental resource for players who don't get enough information in their V:TM Redemption instruction booklet. Truthfully, the BradyGames guide is, graphically, a better looking and more thoughtfully organized guide than the V:TM Redemption instruction booklet. And contents-wise, V:TM Redemption players couldn't ask for a better book when it comes to divulging just enough helpful information without blowing the whole story. Particularly helpful were Rodriquez y Gibson's "Multiplayer Hints and Tips" which features Q&A sections that rival only GF!'s letters pages for creative vision and hilarity. Is it worth twenty bones? Maybe not, if only from the standpoint that so many of the strategies offered seem pretty obvious, and don't really account for the pleasingly chaotic tendencies of V:TM Redemption's excellent AI. Still, almost every suggestion I lifted from this book seemed to work eventually. And the extensive bestiary really added a lot of flavor to a game that already seems tasty enough. Did I mention that the illustrations and fonts are really cool? So, if you're interested in publishing and design as well as conquering  V:TM Redemption, then go to your local bookshop and flip through it. You just might find the Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption Official Strategy Guide taking you home.

--Greg Mathews