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Due Summer 2002 for Gamecube.

dudleyz_02.jpg (7488 bytes)Rounding out the three system onslaught of WWE titles, THQ will bring World Wrestling Wrestlemania X8 to the Gamecube. Developed by Smackdown! creators, Yuke’s, this title is shaping up to be a major GC hit. Featuring wrestlers from the newly acquired WCW (including Hulk Hogan, nWo members, Rob Van Damm, and a bunch more) Wrestlemania X8 boasts 35 wrestling superstars awaiting your every command.

Hurricane.jpg (7577 bytes)Expect many of the basic modes we like in these games to appear, including multiplayer matches and 35 other types (Hell in the Cell and TLC are on the list so far). Rather than remaining focused on the Wrestlemania X8 venue, you’ll also be able to play in Smackdown, Raw, Summer Slam, and Survivor Series arenas. The crowds will react to the action with cheers and taunts, and all the glory of the WWE will be represented in stunning graphics.

hogan_05.jpg (7722 bytes)Control focuses on simulation, which should be a major attraction for wrestling buffs. Use reversals and momentum shifts to get the upper hand, and each wrestler has a unique style to master. That should add a lot of depth to the game, rewarding players for becoming skillful with each of their favorite superstars.

austin_02.jpg (8728 bytes)Wreslemania X8 is looking great. It plays smoothly and effectively captures the excitement and thrill of the televised events. Finally, a good excuse to buy those extra controllers – you’ll want to get all of your friends up in this one. You can be duking it out with the legends or the kid around the block this summer on your Gamecube.

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Shawn Rider (06/03/2002)