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October 2001 for PlayStation 2.

$GTA3RS013.jpg (3382 bytes)Grant Theft Auto 3 looks remarkably different, but it’s still the same game we’ve come to know and love. The biggest change in this iteration: 3D! But for fans of the old-school top-down point of view, Rockstar has graciously included that mode, too. So now you can play Grand Theft Auto 3 in whatever dimension you choose. But there’s more. Now you can also commandeer boats, helicopters, and planes. Oh my.

$gta3rs032.jpg (3603 bytes)You’ll travel Liberty City through the major districts: Industrial, Commercial, and Suburban, which correspond to the three levels of gameplay. The non-linear gameplay is still there. You can take odd jobs, taxi jobs, or turn cars into scrap, as well as embark on a load of side missions and the actual plotline missions. Now some missions must be performed at certain times of day, and the weather changes, which will affect the roads and handling of your vehicles. You’ll claw your way to the top of the gang hierarchy, avoiding swat teams, cops, the FBI, the Army, and, of course, drive-by shootings from other gangs.

You’ll have to wait until October 2001, when Grand Theft Auto 3 ships for PlayStation 2. Then you can get your fill of illicit vehicular gaming. Woo-hoo!

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