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ESPN X-Games Skateboardingespngameslogo.jpg (7254 bytes)
Due out August 2001 for PlayStation 2.

UPDATE: More screens are available below, plus we've got some more details to share with you. It looks like you'll be able to select any of eight pro skaters including Bob Burnquist, Colin McKay, Chris Senn, Kerry Getz, Carlos DeAndrade, Chad Fernandez, Rick McCrank and Lincoln Ueda. Also, you'll skate three different fantasy levels, which are supposed to be unlike anything we've ever seen. They include: the world’s most famous oceanliner (Titanic? The Love Boat?), a museum with plenty of prehistoric inspiration and some awe-inspiring ancient ruins.

The latest screens look amazing, too. Scroll down, and click for larger versions. Things to notice: Ise is a Japanese Shinto temple, the oldest in the country. Is that the same sacred-looking place in the screens below? Also, look at the details in those screens. We've definitely not seen quality like this in a skating game before, at least in the stills. If only we could see it move. We'll be keeping an eye on this title at E3. We now return you to your regularly scheduled preview.

The "ESPN The Games" line-up is about to get a whole lot cooler. Sure, ESPN X-Games Snowboarding had me all giddy with its pretty pictures and sim-style play. ESPN X-Games Skateboarding looks just as pretty and super beefy. The ESPN franchise is all set to take the crown away from the Birdman and the amazing Pro Skater series. Can it be done? We don't know. But we do know that if it's going to be done, then the game that usurps the title of "greatest skateboarding game ever" will have to incorporate some features like they have going on here.

ESPN X-Games Snowboarding includes eight pros for your virtual grinding pleasure. You can roll on any of up to 64 different real skateboards. There are three X-Games contest stages, and six street stages to ride in, and if these early screenshots are any indication, they're going to look sweet. We know so far that the street levels include New York and Los Angeles. It is all supposed to come together with multiplayer modes, a practice mode tutorial, and a very punky soundtrack featuring Linkin Park, the Voodoo Glow Skulls, and New Found Glory.

Look for this one to be released in August for the PlayStation 2, and keep an eye out on GF! for more coverage. The release   coincides with the X-Games, being held in Philadelphia this year.

Click for larger versions.

Newest Screens:

CISCO4-01.jpg (3869 bytes) ise_1-01.jpg (3454 bytes)

ise_3-01.jpg (3042 bytes) LINER_6B02-01.jpg (3824 bytes)

newyork1-01.jpg (3958 bytes) practice1-01.jpg (4122 bytes)

street1-01.jpg (4280 bytes) vert2-01.jpg (3994 bytes)

More Screens:

sf_2red-01.jpg (3680 bytes) street2red-01.jpg (4354 bytes)

Ti_render02red-01.jpg (5576 bytes) Ti_render04red-01.jpg (4297 bytes)

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