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ESPN MLS Extra Time
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Due March 27, 2001 for PlayStation 2.


Soccer fans with PS2s will have an alternative to EA's FIFA pretty soon. ESPN MLS Extra Time releases this month, and from the information we've gotten so far, it looks pretty sweet. MLS Extra Time features 60 teams to choose from, including 12 MLS teams, 53 International teams, and 2 MSL all-star teams.

ESPN MLS Extra Time will include the signature ESPN polish, so expect everything to look, sound, and feel like a televised match. From authentic ESPN announcers, to new replay galleries and tons of options, you should really be able to get into the game with this one. And over 400 character animations should keep the game from getting old quickly.

ESPN MLS Extra Time is the latest in the ESPN The Games series. Expect to see it at your neighborhood video game store at the end of this month.

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