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Arc-boxart.jpg (10898 bytes)
Due fall 2001 for PlayStation.

You gotta love those Working Designs RPGs. I’m serious – you must love Working Designs RPGs. The folks at WD know how to bring a game over from Japan, keeping all the quirky goodness, and fine tuning it to create incredible, compelling stories and characters. Victor Ireland and his crew have impeccable taste, and they’ve demonstrated their talent for making hits many times over. That’s why we’re excited to have many, many screens from Arc the Lad Collection to show you. It looks so good.

Arc the Lad Collection is actually three games: Arc the Lad I, II, and III. In them, you play Arc, the lad, who must save the world from destruction. To do so, he must break the five seals, obtain the all-powerful Ark, and probably bap some monsters and woo a few ladies along the way. It’s a classic-style RPG, but with the flair that only Working Designs can bring to a console system. These games are probably not for the folks who play Final Fantasy just to see the cutscenes; these are games for RPG fans who want to get immersed in an epic story that is finely textured and inhabited by great characters. And the dialogue – need I remind you that Working Designs writes the best dialogue in any RPGs, ever? I hope not.

Just in time for the new school year, Working Designs will release Arc the Lad Collection, which should help you avoid homework nicely. It will be released for the PlayStation, and should be hitting stores in a matter of weeks. Keep an eye out. This one is a must.

Arc the Lad I Screens:

Battle1.jpg (12817 bytes) Battle2.jpg (12722 bytes)

Battle3.jpg (12616 bytes) Battle4.jpg (8778 bytes)

Arc and company battle all manner of monsters.

Chongara1.jpg (6956 bytes) Chongara2.jpg (6541 bytes)

Chongara3.jpg (9665 bytes)

Power by proxy. Chongara summons his healing Kelack to assist in battle. Kelack is one of seven Guardian Forces in Chongara’s command.

Desert1.jpg (9271 bytes) Desert2.jpg (9613 bytes)

Watch out for the guy with the wand; his magic is electrifying.

Destiny.jpg (9983 bytes)

Kukuru and Arc are destined to join company.

Faceoff1.jpg (7652 bytes) Faceoff2.jpg (11289 bytes)

The heroes confer and then head off to battle.

Farewell.jpg (8848 bytes)

Parting is such sweet sorrow!

Flashback.jpg (5550 bytes)

Arc’s parents discuss their son’s destiny. Yoshua informs Polta that Arc will have to follow in his footsteps to save mankind.

Options.jpg (9729 bytes)

Should I stay or should I go? Many battles are optional, but the choice must be made before they begin.

Arc the Lad II Screens:

Boss_1.jpg (8835 bytes)

Arc and company witness an enemy’s true form.

Boss_2.jpg (9332 bytes)

The boss brings in reinforcements.

Boss_3.jpg (7841 bytes)

Twin dragons turn up the heat.

Boss_4.jpg (9534 bytes)

Arc fights fire with fire.

Firestorm.jpg (9533 bytes)

Elc the Flame Master roasts six Ghouls.

 Job1.jpg (6557 bytes) Job2.jpg (9301 bytes)

Job3.jpg (8003 bytes) Job4.jpg (7602 bytes)

Complete jobs for fun and profit! Each major town has a Hunters’ Guild where characters undertake a variety of jobs to earn Gold and Merit points. The game features more than 50 time-specific jobs, several of which are available only within a very small window of opportunity. Pick up bounties for completed jobs at the Guild.

Security1.jpg (7240 bytes) Security2.jpg (7524 bytes)

Security cameras track the heroes as they infiltrate enemy premises.

Statues.jpg (4893 bytes)

Things aren’t always what they seem; statues take flight to trap Tosh and Shu.

Tosh1.jpg (4884 bytes) Tosh2.jpg (5896 bytes)

Tosh3.jpg (5984 bytes) Tosh4.jpg (6393 bytes)

Tosh5.jpg (6895 bytes) Tosh6.jpg (6571 bytes)

Tosh challenges a group of soldiers-turned-monsters with his sharp sword and rapier wit.

ToshShu1.jpg (6773 bytes)

A little bloodshed between friends is an inevitable bounty hunter biohazard.

ToshShu2.jpg (6629 bytes)

Tosh and Shu head into enemy territory.

Wanted1.jpg (5244 bytes)

Check the wanted posters at each Hunters’ Guild for information on outstanding criminals. Return to the Guilds to collect bounties after capturing outlaws.

Wanted2.jpg (5933 bytes)

Hero or outlaw? Detail of wanted poster at Indigos Guild.

Weapon1.jpg (6207 bytes)

Characters can equip various weapons—which gain levels during battle—throughout the game. Here, Gruga demonstrates his skill with a Hatchet.

Weapon2.jpg (7168 bytes) Weapon3.jpg (7721 bytes)

Weapon4.jpg (6365 bytes)

Players can pay for weapons upgrades at Smith shops in some towns.


Keep an eye here for screens from Arc the Lad III when they become available.

Shawn Rider


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