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Pikmin (working title)

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Due Fall 2001 for GameCube.


pikmin2.jpg (6297 bytes)Word has it that master game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto, came up with the idea behind Pikmin while he was tending his garden. Pikmin takes place at teeny scale; giant cliffs are footprints, and ants are monstrous beasts. While the miniature scale is unique, the gameplay is totally new and innovative. You play a wee spaceman that has crash landed; your wrecked ship is scattered about and your job is to retrieve the pieces and get the ship up and running again. This is no easy task but you are able to enlist the help of the Pikmin, indigenous plant-like creatures. Pikmin can fight creatures, carry objects, and otherwise assist you. You are able to amass great Pikmin armies -- over 100 Pikmin can be on screen at once. The game also utilizes a game time day/night system, which is important because Pikmin are plants and need to be home overnight. Pikmin promises to be a strategy game like no other, with Shigeru Miyamoto at the helm, I have very high hopes for this innovative GameCube title.

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