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Mad Dash

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Xbox Launch Title


Screenshot-01-01.jpg (6514 bytes)This Xbox original game mixes frantic kart racing with a 3-D action adventure. Single or multiple players combat race against the evil Hex in a desperate attempt to save themselves. Mad Dash is essentially a kart game without the go-karts; the characters must madly dash to the finish line. Each character has their own special ability that gives them access to special areas, power-ups and shortcuts. Because the characters are not bound to go karts they have more mobility, they can jump, glide, bash, slide, swim, climb, and attack. This freedom allows Mad Dash to transcend the kart genre, if only just a little bit. Like all of the other Xbox titles, Mad Dash has truly beautiful graphics. The animated/interactive backgrounds include killer water and fire effects and the characters are carefully detailed. There are nine characters to choose from and at least eight tracks to race. Every console needs a killer kart racer; good kart racers bring wacky multi-player action into the living room in a way PCs never could. The Xbox in particular needs to emphasize that console feeling if they intend to rival Sony and Nintendo in the living room. Mad Dash is bringing that console feeling to the Xbox on the system’s release date.

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Sarah Wichlacz


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