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Jonny Drama

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Due Fall 2001 for Xbox.


Screenshot-01.jpg (7389 bytes)Cel shading is all the rage this year, Jet Grind Radio on the Dreamcast showed us just how cool it could be, now many game developers are rushing to utilize this new technology. Cel shading is so because finally games don’t have to look like they were created by a computer, now they can look like they’ve spilled from the hands of a thousand Korean animators. Jonny Drama uses the style to great effect; Jonny is a spy in a ‘60’s world. Think old James Bond meets Austin Powers, rendered in a old Warner Brothers style and you’ve come close to imagining Jonny Drama. It combines the cartoony style of action adventures with the stealthyness of games like Metal Gear Solid and Tenchu. Jonny will have the opportunity to don multiple disguises, use cool spy gadgets, and innovate weapons. Jonny will travel on foot and in vehicles including sports cars, tanks, and UFOs. Jonny Drama also promises to give us cat-suited vixens, troublesome pet monkeys, and evil robot butlers; my god I can’t wait. There will also be a multi-player option to fill out this already action packed game.

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Sarah Wichlacz


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