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Jak and Daxter

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Due Fall 2001 for PS2.


village-07-01.jpg (7579 bytes)The Naughty Dog team, famous for their excellent Crash Bandicoot series, has been working on Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for over two years now and all that hard work shows. While it is essentially an action game, Naughty Dog has worked hard to incorporate parts of almost all of the other game genres. From platform puzzle to racing, Jak and Daxter seems to have it all. You play as Jax, who is looking for the solution to his best friend Daxter’s problem. Daxter was knocked into a vat of Dark Eco, some real nasty stuff, which has transformed him into a ferret type creature. Now the two must set off in search of the sage that might be able to transform Daxter back to his real self. The graphics are breath-taking, and to make them more spectacular the world is seamless, no loading. From one end of the world you might be able to see a mountain top, and after five hours of play you might be on that mountain top looking back to your original position. Never before has a world been so complete, so connected, and so full. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is sure to be a game that makes you glad to own a PS2 or makes you go get one, because this game finally makes the PS2 worth owning.

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Sarah Wichlacz


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