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Max_Payne_Profile_Logo.gif (3475 bytes)
Due Fall 2001 for PS2 and Xbox.

Check out our review of the PC version here.


Rockstar has kicked us down a whole set of new screens for Max Payne on Xbox and PS2. As far as we can tell, there won't be much difference between the two versions, which is fine with us. We gave Max Payne a perfect score on the PC, and we'd be surprised if the console versions of this game didn't do as well. So without any further delay, let's take a look at what we can expect to see in Max Payne on PS2 and Xbox.

PS2 Screens:

screen121.jpg (4753 bytes) screen3.jpg (4822 bytes)

screen12_3.jpg (6003 bytes) screen112.jpg (6360 bytes)

screen38.jpg (6464 bytes) screen11.jpg (6599 bytes)

screen129.jpg (7498 bytes)

As you can see, Max Payne is looking really sweet on the PlayStation -- at least as good as the PC version.

Xbox Screens:

shot-01b-copy.jpg (4613 bytes) shot-06e-copy.jpg (4993 bytes)

shot-09b-copy.jpg (5829 bytes) shot-13a-copy.jpg (6240 bytes)

shot-03b-copy.jpg (6795 bytes) shot-08a-copy.jpg (7415 bytes)

The Xbox version is also looking incredible. Even in these small images you can see the quality of texture that the Xbox is becoming known for. And, of course, these screens illustrate plenty of action, which is central to Max Payne. But you might be asking yourself, "What weapons will I use to wreak havoc on the world of Max Payne?" Allow us to show you in these screens, also from the Xbox version of Max Payne.

Baseball-bat-1.jpg (7783 bytes) Baseball-bat-2.jpg (9065 bytes)

Baseball-bat-3.jpg (7249 bytes) Baseball-bat-close-up.jpg (7985 bytes)

That's one bad, bad baseball bat. Gruesome.

Beretta-1.jpg (6928 bytes) Beretta-2.jpg (5914 bytes)

Beretta-close-up.jpg (5424 bytes)

Your trusty Beretta has a certain class to it.

Colt-Commando-1.jpg (7601 bytes) Colt-Commando-2.jpg (6105 bytes)

Colt-Commando-3.jpg (6651 bytes) Colt-Commando-close-up.jpg (7046 bytes)

Your Colt Commando.

Desert-Eagle-1.jpg (5975 bytes) Desert-Eagle-2.jpg (7390 bytes)

Desert-Eagle-3.jpg (5467 bytes) Desert-Eagle-close-up-.jpg (6341 bytes)

A little Desert Eagle action never hurts.

Dual-Beretta-1.jpg (4542 bytes) Dual-Beretta-2.jpg (6881 bytes)

Dual-Beretta-3.jpg (7049 bytes) Dual-Beretta-4.jpg (7247 bytes)

What's better than one Beretta? Two.

Dual-Ingrams-1.jpg (6217 bytes) Dual-Ingrams-2.jpg (7491 bytes)

Ingram-2.jpg (5971 bytes) Dual-Ingrams-close-up.jpg (7200 bytes)

Used alone or as a pair, the Ingram is sure to please.

Grenade-1.jpg (6044 bytes) Grenade-3.jpg (6832 bytes)

Grenade-close-up.jpg (6581 bytes) Grenade-5.jpg (5524 bytes)

Of course, explosives are necessary and possible with these grenades.

Jackhammer-1.jpg (5913 bytes) Jackhammer-close-up.jpg (6145 bytes)

Jackhammer-3.jpg (5587 bytes) Jackhammer-4.jpg (6531 bytes)

Massive destruction at your fingertips with the Jackhammer.

Lead-pipe-1.jpg (7526 bytes) Lead-Pipe-2.jpg (7730 bytes)

Lead-Pipe-3.jpg (7570 bytes) Lead-pipe-close-up.jpg (6966 bytes)

When all else fails, beat 'em with a lead pipe. Gratifying.

M79--1.jpg (4689 bytes) M79--3.jpg (5847 bytes)

M79--4.jpg (7348 bytes) M79--close-up.jpg (6545 bytes)

Flame-tastic with the M-79.

Molotov-Cocktail-1.jpg (4993 bytes) Molotov-Cocktail-2.jpg (7241 bytes)

Molotov-Cocktail-4.jpg (7545 bytes) Molotov-Cocktail-close-up.jpg (5901 bytes)

Get that protester chic going on with some Molotov Cocktails.

Pump-action-shotgun-1.jpg (7893 bytes) Pump-action-shotgun-close-u.jpg (6624 bytes)

Sawed-off-shotgun-2.jpg (6048 bytes) Sawed-off-shotgun-close-up.jpg (7417 bytes)

Shotguns are available in Pump Action or Sawed-Off varieties, and thank the gods for that.

Sniper-Rifle-1.jpg (4205 bytes) Sniper-Rifle-2.jpg (4714 bytes)

Sniper-Rifle-3.jpg (4331 bytes) Sniper-Rifle-close-up.jpg (7838 bytes)

Everything looks so much closer through your Sniper Rifle.

That's it for this batch of new screens. As you can see, Max Payne is an action-packed, cinematic, beautiful game. Keep an eye out for it in the near future on your Xbox and PS2.

Shawn Rider (12/06/01)

The old preview:

Max_Payne_2001_Shot_03-01.jpg (3304 bytes)NEW YORK, NY – April 19, 2001-- Rockstar Games, Take Two Interactive Software, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:TTWO) high end video game publishing division, is pleased to announce that Max Payne, the highly-anticipated PC action game is now in development for the PlayStationŇ 2 computer entertainment system. Currently in development for PC with Remedy Entertainment Ltd. and 3D Realms Entertainment, Max Payne for PlayStationŇ2 is now being developed by Rockstar Games Canada and is set for release in 2001.

Max_Payne_2001_Shot_06-01.jpg (2165 bytes)"As one of the first film noir inspired action games, Max Payne is an innovative and incredible new gameplay experience never seen before on the PlayStation®2," stated Sam Houser, president of Rockstar Games. "The line between special effects in movies and videogames is narrowing. The technology behind PlayStation®2 allows us to take action to a level not yet achieved in videogames. With Max Payne, you will see the evolution of gameplay."

Max_Payne_2001_Shot_11-01.jpg (3492 bytes)Max Payne is a stylish, urban, revenge driven action game based in New York City’s grimy underground. A groundbreaking rendering engine allows for heart-stopping, photo-realistic visuals and breath taking movie quality effects as Max Payne fights his way to uncover the truth. Max Payne is a dark, searing tale of corruption and murder which combines the most popular elements from today’s biggest box office action thrillers with the latest in videogame technology to deliver what promises to be one of the most original gameplay experiences this year.

Max_Payne_2001_Shot_12-01.jpg (3137 bytes)The May 2001 issue of PC Gamer (just hitting newsstands), in an exclusive preview of the nearly finished PC version, had this to say: "Defiantly original, soaked in style, fiendishly well-written, and sporting one sequence of jaw-dropping action after another, Max Payne will be the most talked-about action game since Half-Life. Max Payne: The next great anti-hero."



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