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Due June 21, 2002 for GBA.


Snipe.jpg (4912 bytes)Welcome to the heart of the CTSF unit, a special intervention forces elite commando, which has plunged you into the fascinating world of counter-terrorism. Play the role of three different highly trained agents, equipped with high-tech weaponry and ready to intervene in all the world’s battlefields!

parachute.jpg (6089 bytes)Enjoy explosive gameplay that allows you to be a paratrooper, a sniper and a helicopter pilot. Through platform action and shoot’em up modes, enter into unforgiving combat to accomplish top-secret missions and neutralize raging terrorist activity in 4 geographical areas. Throughout the 12 levels, brave the steep, snow-covered mountains, face an arid desert, clear a path through the feverish, hostile jungle and finally free a besieged city…

Desert.jpg (8689 bytes)Also, a "Multiplayer Challenge" mode (4 levels in link mode) allows you to test your stamina and accuracy while challenging another counter-terrorist in a frantic race against the clock!

  • An explosive combination of platform action and
    shoot'em-up modes (helicopter levels) !
  • An authentic sniper rifle: discover what it feels like to be a sniper lying in ambush!
  • Laser scope for your assault rifle: optimize your marksmanship.
  • 3 available characters depending on the mission: 2 shock troop counter-terrorists and a helicopter pilot.
  • Ultra-realistic weapons and cutting-edge equipment including an assault rifle with laser scope that is 100% multipurpose (with rocket launcher, flame thrower, and grappling hook launcher).
  • Also, a Link mode so you can complete in real time with another counter-terrorist (race against the clock through 4 levels).
  • Heavily equipped warlords (Big Bosses) to take on at the end of each battle zone.

CT Special Forces is the first game created entirely by the internal development team at LSP.

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