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No One Lives Forever

alps_ss2_sm-01.jpg (7350 bytes)
Due November for PS2.

alps_ss4_sm-01.jpg (7118 bytes)There seem to be two different ad campaigns going on out there for Sierra and Monolith’s No One Lives Forever. The recent magazine ads seem to be promoting a slick and serious Joanna Dark look-alike assassin tale. However, anyone who has visited the official website ( or played the PC version of the game, know it to be a smart and sexy send-up of swinging sixties spies like James Bond and The Avengers.

caribbean_ss1_sm-01.jpg (3832 bytes)The story places British super spy Cate Archer, a woman at the height of sixties fashion and hairstyle, in a tangled web of global espionage, devious villains, powerful weapons and gadgetry. But don’t worry, she relies more on innuendo and dry wit than the over the top antics of Austin Powers. Yeah, he works great in a movie, but can you imagine spending hours of intense game play with him?

caribbean_ss2_sm-01.jpg (8373 bytes)And hours of intense game play are exactly what No One Lives Forever promises, boasting over sixty levels with locales such as the French Alps, Morocco, and the Caribbean. There are over thirty different weapons and gadgets, including silenced pistols, sniper rifles, exploding lipstick and robotic poodles. Players will be required to sky dive, S.C.U.B.A. dive, and fight off hungry sharks.

germany_ss1_sm-01.jpg (5765 bytes)No One Lives Forever Looks to have a variety of levels, settings, and mission objectives. Game play ranges from stealthy spy tactics to all-out gun battles, even driving vehicles and plummeting toward the earth in desperate need of a parachute. The downside is that there appear to be no multiplayer games, which can be devastating to the replayability of a FPS. But as a single player story, this one could be a lot of fun.

Jeremy Kauffman