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Aliens: Colonial Marines

6-01.jpg (4042 bytes)
Due January, 2002 for PS2.

4-01.jpg (4215 bytes)Do you want to lead a squad of battle-hardened Colonial Marines into the heart of a Xenomorph hive? Well, be prepared to come face to uh…face with face-huggers, chest-bursters, Xenomorph warriors and queens, thanks to the folks at EA.

11-01.jpg (5554 bytes)While I do not know plot specifics, the game will be squad based, allowing players to devise and lead four member units and deliver in-game commands to your team. A typical team can consist of both veterans and rookies who will behave accordingly. Veterans will be steadfast and dependable, while greener troops might panic and run. Well, what would you do if an acid-slobbering killer alien were after you?

12-01.jpg (5599 bytes)Aliens: Colonial Marines includes twenty objective-based missions. From the screenshots I have seen, the game exudes atmosphere—dark hallways, steaming ventilation shafts, and danger everywhere. The textures on the Xenomorphs are so good they look as if they have just stepped off of the big screen. Much of the arsenal looks to be straight out of the movies as well: pulse rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, etc.

2-01.jpg (7461 bytes)As of now, I am uncertain of the control set-up or if it will support multiplayer game play. But if anything this game should be a lot of fun to play alone in the dark.

Jeremy Kauffman