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SegaNet Predicts Ravens to Win
First Superbowl Ever
January 26, 2001


SAN FRANCISCO (January 26, 2001) - The Baltimore Ravens quarterback hit his opponents where they least expected it - right down the center of the field - leading his team to its first-ever Super Bowl win.   At least that's the prediction of SegaNet(tm) Bowl players., the leading online console and PC gaming company, today announced results from its first annual SegaNet Bowl, sponsored by SegaNet (  The world's first online console gaming competition challenged teams of four to battle it out over the Internet on the popular football game "Sega Sports NFL 2K1" for Sega Dreamcast(tm).  All in all, thousands of consumers played more than 100 games between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants.  Battles were fierce and competition was intense, but it was the Ravens who ended up the winner by a landslide.  More than 68% of the games played resulted in Ravens victories.

Sponsored by "NFL Experience"-- the NFL's interactive theme park in Tampa where fans of all ages can enjoy memorabilia, interactive sports and online gaming--thousands of football fans from around the country lined up to play against development teams for "NFL 2K1." 

According to fans battling it out at the NFL Experience event, "SegaNet provides what no one else can - the chance to compete against players across the country on the MOST realistic football game ever and ultimately the ability to predict the outcome of this year's Super Bowl in a really cool way."

Rapidly reaching the half-million mark by selling more than 410,000 units as of the first week of November, "NFL 2K1" for Sega Dreamcast was the top selling game across all platforms at its debut.  With more than 200,000 members, SegaNet, which launched on September 7, 2000, is the world's first and only online console gaming network and ISP.  Available to both Dreamcast and PC users, SegaNet offers the best in gaming content, chat, web surfing and email.  SegaNet has been optimized for online gameplay to provide a consistently rich gaming experience with the lowest latency possible.  Signing up is easy - just visit  

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