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Stainless Steel Studios Enlists Starcraft Expert Damon "Stratus" Gauthier

New multiplayer game balancer to contribute to Empire Earth, the next generation of real-time strategy games.

Stainless Steel Studios Interactive (SSSI), developer of strategy games for the new millennium, has announced the addition of a new game balancer to the Empire Earth(tm) development team.  Damon "Stratus" Gauthier has joined SSSI to help balance the multiplayer portion of the game.  He comes to the
company after working on the Empire Earth Multiplayer Strike Team, a devoted group of RTS gamers who are contributing their considerable expertise to the project.  Damon's extensive experience in real-time strategy gaming will have an enormous impact on the quality of the multiplayer-side of Empire Earth.

Though he has played numerous real-time strategy games, Damon is most active in the Starcraft(r) community where he is known by the handle "Stratus".  He began playing RTS games in 1994 with the release of the original Warcraft(r), and first gained notoriety playing Warcraft 2.  In the first two seasons of the Solid Gold Warcraft League, he racked up two 2nd Place
finishes in the Singles Competition and a 1st Place in the Team Competition. He also maintained a top 5 team ranking on Case's Ladder.  After becoming the highest ranking ProZerran player of Starcraft's Season 2, Damon placed 4th in the Brood War world championships on  He also led Team
Canada to victory over Team USA in the Canada vs. USA Starcraft: Brood War Tourney in 1999.  Damon has contributed to several web-based Starcraft strategy guides and he participated in the Beta test of Starcraft: Brood Wars.

Damon, a native of Victoria, British Columbia, is taking a semester off from college to help play balance Empire Earth's large multiplayer component, paying particular attention to the game's future Epochs.  "I'm really enjoying playing Empire Earth," he says, "I like that I don't have to micromanage my economy, so I can concentrate on the battles."  Though he has
been considering a career in law enforcement, Damon's current position has inspired him to contemplate staying in the gaming industry as a game designer.


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