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Tecmo Announces Platform for
Rygar: The Legendary Adventure


Long-awaited Action/adventure Makes Its Way To The PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System

TORRANCE, Calif., April 19, 2002 -- Tecmo confirmed that it will bring its highly anticipated title, Rygar: The Legendary Adventure, to the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. This Greco-Roman action/adventure, based on Greek Mythology, promises to take advantage of the full potential of the PlayStation 2 with its innovative gameplay mechanics and inspiring graphics.

Tecmo is expecting big things from its AAA action title Rygar, which is inspired by the original NES Rygar that was very popular. The game’s details have been kept under tight wraps with only a limited amount of information leaked out to the press in the last couple of months. Tecmo claims that they will rock the video game industry at E3, when full details of the game are revealed.

"We can hardly contain our excitement. When the industry finally gets to see Rygar at E3, it will be blown away.," said John Inada, General Manager, Tecmo, Inc. . "We are confident that both old and young PlayStation 2 gamers will be extremely happy with Rygar."

This Greco-Roman adventure was influenced by popular action movies such as Gladiator and Clash of the Titans, and is being developed specifically for American gamers. Rygar will live up to and surpass its classical game history with grand-scale environments and non-stop, heart-pumping action.

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