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Black Isle Studios Announces
Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition

Definitive Collector's Edition Is Available Exclusively At Interplay's Online Store

Irvine, California, April 16, 2002 - Black Isle Studios, the RPG (role-playing game) division of Interplay Entertainment Corp., announced today their plan to create a collector's edition of Icewind Dale II featuring collectible items, exclusive gameplay enhancements and much more. Limited quantities of the Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition will be available for a limited time exclusively at

Scheduled for a simultaneous release with Icewind Dale II, the Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition features all of the amazing gameplay elements of Icewind Dale II plus completely new limited collectibles for Icewind Dale fans. Among the collectible items is a special Collector's Edition bonus disc containing additional gameplay enhancements and tracks from the game's captivating music soundtrack. 

One of the most visually stunning elements of the Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition is a full-color cloth map of the legendary region of Icewind Dale. Also, a set of four collectible character trading cards will be included describing in great detail the characters and creatures found in the game. The Collector's Edition also features a high quality spiral-bound manual, a set of dice, Black Isle Studios stickers and writing tablet to enjoy while questing. Enclosing the extraordinary Collector's Edition is a splendid hinge book style box. More comprehensive information can be found on the official Icewind Dale II web site, located at

Icewind Dale II is being created internally at Black Isle Studios and offers more of the classic dungeon crawl experience, using the Dungeons & Dragons license from Wizards of the Coast. Based in part on the series of books by New York Times best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, Icewind Dale II will amaze players with new monsters, spells, and areas to explore within the popular FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign setting. Icewind Dale II expands upon gameplay elements found in Icewind Dale, offering players the ability to hone their combat skills and obtain even more powerful possessions, spells, and experience levels. The game also hosts a large variety of new weapons, armor and magical items as well as all of the spells from the original Icewind Dale and its expansion Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter. Icewind Dale II makes use of a heavily modified version of the award-winning BioWare Infinity Engine, originally developed for the Baldur's Gate series.

Black Isle Studios, the creators of the Fallout series, Planescape: Torment and the Icewind Dale saga, is proud to bring Icewind Dale II and the Icewind Dale II Collector's Edition to Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP-based computers in May, 2002.

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