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GameSpy Arcade Supports Xbox
November 28. 2001


Xbox support online now in GameSpy Arcade

GameSpy Industries has released a new version of its wildly popular PC game matchmaking service, GameSpy Arcade, today with multiplayer gaming support for Microsoft's new Xbox gaming system. The free software is available now at .

Using a Windows-based PC, gamers can utilize the full breadth of GameSpy Arcade community services - chat, matchmaking, instant-messaging and more -- to locate other gamers and play multiplayer-enabled Xbox games online. At just the push of a button, players can automatically launch their game, with GameSpy Arcade creating a temporary private gaming network between the players and their connected Xbox systems.

Until now, Xbox gamers had no matchmaking services available. Now, with GameSpy Arcade, Xbox gaming online is a snap. Anyone can browse a list of live games waiting for players to join, as well as chat live with other players while browsing Xbox and PC gaming news and information.

GameSpy Industries has pioneered online gaming and matchmaking technology for next-generation video game console systems. GameSpy technology has powered in-game matchmaking services for Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 games, including the top-selling Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, the first PlayStation 2 game to be enabled for online play. Now, GameSpy brings online multiplayer capabilities to the Xbox, providing that system's first outside-of-the-game matchmaking service.

GameSpy Arcade supports online gameplay for more than 280 PC games -- more than any other gaming service -- and now supports all multiplayer-enabled Xbox titles as well, such as Halo, NASCAR Heat 2002 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x. For more information and to download the free GameSpy Arcade software, visit

Editor's Note: Read the excellent GameSpy tutorial for setting up online multiplayer for your Xbox. Click here.

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