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We fully dig the Star Fleet Command games. With the exception of Activision’s Elite Force, they are the only truly good Star Trek games yet made, and taking the bridge of the Enterprise and loosing a spread of photon torpedoes into an uncloaked Romulan Warbird is still one of my all-time satisfying gaming experiences. The only problem with the original SFCII was that it lacked charisma. While tooling around in any of eight races’ starships was fun and multiplayer a gas (especially when Dynaverse II finally got up and running), the game’s single player campaigns ultimately lacked any sort of coherent or compelling story line. In the end, SFC II was not much more than an excellent starship skirmish game.

SFC II: Orion Pirates hopes to change all that. A stand-alone add-on to SFC II, it will feature both the original eight races as well as eight cartels of the infamous Orion Pirates. Each cartel will feature 30 new ships, for a total of 240 all told. The game will include 12 campaigns, 12 multiplayer missions, and 26 battles scenarios. It’s especially intriguing that three of the missions will be based on the classic “A Piece of the Action” Star Trek episode, which gives us some hope that the game’s campaigns will be less narratively-impaired than  SFC II’s.  With improved graphics and a less-cluttered interface, Orion Pirates might finally be the first unequivocally excellent Star Trek game.

Rick Fehrenbacher


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