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Just what every D&D junkie needs—yet another 50,000 or so hours playing through the Forgotten Realms. If the Baldur's Gate games weren’t so good, I’d say something bad about Interplay riding this horse until it drops. Throne of Bhaal is an add-on to the huge and hugely successful BGII: Shadows of Amn, and while it doesn’t promise any revolutionary changes in gameplay (which is probably a good thing) it does offer several new locations, like The Dungeon of Watcher’s Keep, the City of Saradush, and the Monastery of Amkethran. Players will be able to take their characters up to level 40 and accrue up to eight million experience points.
BGII: ToB also packs over 40 new high-level spells and the unpredictable Wild Mage Character Kit, which by itself is reason enough to pick up the game.



Rick Fehrenbacher


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