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Stronghold: Crusader Review (PC)

November 6, 2002

Take Two Interactive brings us a sequel to their popular castle sim. Stonghold: Crusader allows you to play through somewhat historically based campaigns through the Holy Land and features a more robust real time strategy component. Build it up and tear it down. Click here.

Whacked! Review (Xbox)

There have been some good videogame gameshow parodies and there have been some bad ones. Microsoft's Whacked! falls somewhere in the middle. With nice visuals, lots of wackiness, and online play capabilities we dig it, but overall it's a bit simple. Welcome our newest GF! team member, Colin, by clicking here.

Smuggler's Run: Warzones Review (GC)

Rockstar's now-classic off-road combat driving franchise makes its way to the Gamecube. Smuggler's Run: Warzones features exotic locales, lots of vehicular mayhem, and a kinder, gentler form of international smuggling. Click here.

Editorial: I am God?

In an interesting twist, investigators in Montgomery County, MD are buying copies of Grand Theft Auto 3. Why? Phone calls to the sniper tips hotline suggested a possible connection between the shootings and the game. Ludicrous? Shawn thinks so. Check out his highly opinionated editorial, I am God? Click here.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Review (PS2)

November 1, 2002

No other series has changed the face of gaming so much in the past few years. Neversoft, Activision and Tony Hawk have pretty much single-handedly established the extreme sports genre, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 is a major evolution of design and content. Featuring enough new stuff to make the most hardcore THPS fans happy and enough beginner stuff to make it accessible to newbies, you need this game. Click here.

Divine Divinity Review (PC)

Larian Studios and CDV have teamed up to bring us what is probably the sleeper PC RPG hit of the year. Divine Divinity doesn't blaze a lot of new trails, but it does offer one of the most satisfying, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable gameplay experiences we've had. RPG fans cannot miss this one. Click here.

Terminator: Dawn of Fate Review (PS2 & Xbox)

Who cares what Arnie is doing these days, especially when you get to play your own action hero in Terminator: Dawn of Fate. The upside is that this title is really fun to look at -- great gameplay graphics and well-done cutscenes. The downside is that this title is really painful to play. Click here.

Taz: Wanted Review (PS2, Xbox & GC)

Infogrames does it to us again with Taz: Wanted (available now for all systems). Taz gets to star in his own platform adventure, and it's mostly belching and spinning. Monica took the PS2 version for a spin, and gives her take here. Jason took the Xbox and Gamecube versions. and he has a slightly different take on it. Read 'em both.

Burnout 2: Point of Impact Review (PS2)

October 25, 2002

Acclaim has given us the sequel to their cult-fave arcade style racer, and Burnout 2: Point of Impact is everything we wanted it to be. Better graphics, more tracks, more vehicles, and more gameplay modes make it a must-have title for any racing fan, and a must-try title for gamers in general. Click here for the review.

Superman: Shadow of Apokolips Review (PS2)

Infogrames and Atari bring us a new Superman game, and this one goes a long way toward redeeming the steely one's reputation. Superman: Shadow of Apokolips manages to look almost just like the popular cartoon series, and the game itself is not bad. Click here for more.

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver Review (Xbox)

Bam! Entertainment and I-Imagine bring us the first title developed in the Microsoft Incubator program, and the first console game made in Africa. Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver provides really solid gameplay that will have you hard-pressed to put down the controller. It's a great first effort, and we look forward to more. Click here.

Buy Bush a PS2

Mikel Reparaz has an idea: If Bush wants to use military force and go running all over the world like a cowboy, he should be playing videogames. It would be better for international relations and would prevent a lot of folks from getting hurt. The Buy Bush a PS2 Campaign is looking for donations to purchase a PS2 and SOCOM: US Navy Seals for GW. We think he should also throw in a copy of Conflict Desert Storm so El Dubya can get his fix assasinating Saddam. Click to help out.

ARTICLE: How to Get Your Significant Other to Love Gaming

October 20, 2002

It's a common problem for those of us of the videogame loving persuasion. How can you get your loved one to love games as much as you do? It's a very practical problem, as games can take hours and hours to enjoy and love or family life can take similar amounts of time. Our ever-helpful mistress of the console box, Monica, delivers some useful guidelines for sharing your loves. Click here for the article.

Robot Alchemic Drive Preview (PS2)

Enix brings us another big robot game, and in a season full of big robot games, Robot Alchemic Drive sets itself apart from the pack. Using an intriguing point of view that has you controlling robots like RC cars, it's dang fun. Killer graphics and lots of big robot mayhem round out the innovative gameplay. Click here.

Mobile Forces Review (PC)

Majesco and Rage have teamed up to create Mobile Forces. This is a fairly basic first person shooter title with low system requirements. But Mobile Forces mixes up the action by throwing vehicles into the fray. Scooting around in a Hummer or APC is just the thing for whacking bad guys. Click here.

Xtreme Air Racing Review Review (PC)

Sure, racing souped-up airplanes at really low altitudes through Nevada canyons sounds extreme, but Xtreme Air Racing manages to tone down the heart-pumping thrills and focus on the fairly cerebral simulation. It's kind of like reading a Sex Ed textbook unless you're really into aircraft simulations. Click here.

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