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Star Trek Armada II Review (PC)

February 6, 2002

screenshot-med12-01.jpg (7595 bytes)Activision brings us another interstellar battle game in Star Trek Armada II. The sweet graphics and gameplay enhancements make this bad boy hotter than Seven of Nine in a Tropicana bikini contest. Our only problem is blurbing this review without making cheesy Star Trek jokes. Warp speed, commander.
Capcom vs. SNK 2 Review (PS2)
All ye old school fighting fans gather 'round: Capcom has a little goodness for you. Get in on what may be some of the last you see of your SNK faves with Capcom vs. SNK 2. Furious, fast-paced, and classic Capcom, this title doesn't offer a lot of new stuff, but it is a solid rendition of the Capcom theme. Click here.
Art of Magic Review (PC)
Bethesda brings us a well-intentioned fantasy RTS that doesn't quite get off the ground. Art of Magic uses some interesting new techniques (no resource management; all spells and magic monsters) but fails to draw us in. A clunky interface and frustrating battles don't help at all. Click here.
Kao the Kangaroo Review (GBA)
What could be better than a platform jumping kangaroo wearing boxing gloves? Well, as Kao the Kangaroo for GBA proves, just about anything. Repetitive gameplay, no story to speak of, and frustrating jump sequences make this one title to avoid. Click here.

Amped Review (Xbox)

January 31, 2002

Microsoft brings us a freestyle snowboarding game unlike any other. Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding is the best realistic snowboarding title out there. If Tricky isn't your thing, then this has gotta be it. Real mountains, amazing graphics, and the best soundtrack system ever make it a must play. Click here.
Smuggler's Run II: Hostile Territory Review (PS2)
Sometimes, when we play a game from Rockstar like Smuggler's Run II: Hostile Territory, we nod our heads and go "Yes, yes -- this rocks!" And other times, we shake our heads and say, "No, no -- don't stop the rockin'!" You know you need to check it out.
Spyro: Season of Ice Review (GBA)
Who's the cute purple dragon that's a fire-breathing hit with all the kids? Spyro. And he's back in Spyro: Season of Ice for the Game Boy Advance. It's really pretty, and will probably completely satisfy fans of the PlayStation games. Click.
Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition Review (PS2)
The fine folks at Majesco have made available to us the FPS your mother hates. Soldier of Fortune Gold Edition packs over 20 missions of gun totin', gore zonin' ultraviolence, and the multiplayer mode lets you share with friends. But there's a downside, too. Click.

Extreme G3 Review (GC)

January 29, 2002

Fans of ultra high speed futuristic racers should take note: Acclaim brings us Extreme G3, a really great looking racer for the GameCube. Overall, it's pretty good -- those special effects are ultra sweet -- but there we do have some ish with the game. Click here for details.
Victorious Boxers Review (PS2)
Based on the wildly popular "Hajime no Ippo", Victorious Boxers makes use of a franchise not many folks in America have been exposed to. Unlike other boxing games, this one is a combination of teen angst drama and fighter. Is it a knockout or a dud? Click here.
Bass Strike Review (PS2)
While the fish look good enough to eat, everything else about Bass Strike is just average. The environments are pretty humdrum and that announcer should be used for bait. But hardcore videogame fishing fans (don't pretend you aren't) will just have to settle for now. Fish on!
Jedi Power Battles Review (GBA)
A Jedi's life is for me, unless that Jedi is stuck in Jedi Power Battles for GBA, in which case I'd rather be a storm trooper and get it over with quickly. A good idea gone totally awry, you'll want to hear about this.

SSX Tricky Review (PS2)

January 24, 2002

Bigger and better. That pretty much sums up SSX Tricky, the sequel to last year's super hit fantasy snowboarding game. Characters are a bit better rounded out, and the graphics are a bit prettier, but basically Tricky stays close to its roots, just expanding on those roots to offer a whole lot of new gametime for the fans. Click here.
Frequency Review (PS2)
Sony has scored a hit with their latest innovation -- Frequency. This is a music game that puts you in the creator's role. While it won't appeal to everyone, it is sure to build a strong cult following. Who knows? With Sony's plans to make Frequency a flagship online playable title, it could be the next big thing. Click here.
The Fast and The Furious Review (DVD)
It's not going to change your world, but it might make a Saturday night go faster. Odds are you won't be a huge The Fast and The Furious fan unless your Nissan is dropped and modded beyond recognition. This is strictly stock Hollywood action fare. Rent cautiously.
Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction Review (PS1)
Oh no! The Powerpuff Girls have been stuck in a horrible videogame and it's your job to... No, wait, let me correct myself. The Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction is a horrible game and you should just stay away. Maybe Mojo Jojo will blow it up. Click here.

WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It! Review (PS2)

January 22, 2002

THQ brings their highly successful wrestling franchise to the next generation with WWF Smackdown: Just Bring It! for PS2. The new graphics are pretty as hell, and the create-a-wrestler is thoroughly badass, but it just doesn't have that je ne sais quoi we were looking for. Check it out here.
Myth III: The Wolf Age Review (PC)
Amazing visual effects and a great storyline peppered with fun missions make Myth III: The Wolf Age a worthy successor to the series. Battles are waged on a whole new scale, and everything just fits together perfectly, although there are some control issues to annoy you. Click here.
Prehistorik Man Review (GBA)
Titus brings us some great GBA titles, and Prehistorik Man is the first to make its ways to the pages of GF! This action-adventure platformer will have you carrying out a wide range of tasks in compelling gameplay. It's so much fun you'll almost forget about the crummy save system. Click here.
Planet Monsters Review (GBA)
Kind of like Bomberman would be the best way to describe this one. Planet Monsters offers up some incredibly cute, as well as addictive and strategic, gameplay that is sure to attract gamers of all ages. You might check it out skeptically, but if puzzlers are your thing, you don't want to miss it. Click.
Consoles as Communal Entertainment (Guest Editorial)
One of our good friends from across the pond, David Hancock, wrote a delightful guest editorial for us called Consoles as Communal Entertainment. Inspired by the same kind of game-bashing in the British papers as we get in the US, David takes on the notion of gamers as isolated timebombs sitting in their parents' basements. Oh, and we take no responsibility for his "English" style of English. Click.

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