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Oni Preview (PC Demo)

December 29, 2000

Well, here's a title we've been keeping an eye on for a while.  Bungie has released a 2-level demo of Oni, a third-person, anime-influenced, action, hand-to-hand/weapons game.  What's here is mighty pretty (and pretty fun too); what's not here is multiplayer and the occasional graphic glitch.   Read on...
Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual, 3rd Ed. Review

December 28, 2000

Wizards of the Coast again proves to be a worthy steward of the D&D franchise. Essential gear for any Dungeon Master, the new Third Edition Monster Manual is everything you wanted it to be. With hordes of angry baddies and a slew of monstrous malfeasants, every form of terror you can think of is contained within. Who doesn't love the new d20 system? 
Kessen Review (PS2)

December 27, 2000

What could be better than struggling for control of feudal Japan, assuming the role of a Tokugawa general, and armchair combating the hordes of samurai that stand in your way? Kessen puts you in just such a situation, and it kicks butt. Click here.
Nintendo Planning to Buy Out Sega?
Get this: The New York Times published an article today stating Nintendo is in talks to buy out Sega for about two billion dollars. Both sides flatly deny the report, of course. Click here to find out all we know.
Surfing H30 Review (PS2)

December 26, 2000

With beautiful waves of unprecedented graphic quality, Surfing H3O looks sweet. And all the hardbodies in bikinis and trunks don't hurt, either. But ultimately, this one is way too short and simple to be very playable. Check it out here, dude.
Win A Copy Of Sacrifice! 
It's almost 2001, which means you're already a little late in owning what may be 2K's game of the year, Sacrifice. So here's the deal. Enter our contest, answer a few questions about our review, and maybe win a free copy of this beauty. And we promise we won't tell anyone that you're such a slacker. Click here to enter.
Sheep Review (PC)

December 22, 2000

Long ago, the ancestors of today's modern sheep were sent out across the galaxy from the star system of Ovis Aries, and a few of these explorers landed on Earth. Their mission was to pose as peaceful observers but they got lazy and were domesticated and lost track of their goals.  It's up to you to redeem this mighty race in this puzzler from Empire Interactive.  Lead on...
MiB 2 Review (GBC)
Agents J and K are back in Men in Black: The Series 2. Based on the animated series, the latest incarnation of this side-scrolling platform title packs in a ton of weapons and a bunch of new gadgets. The boys need you to help
beat back the alien hordes. Click here to report for duty.
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