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Sanity Review (PC)

November 10, 2000

Days have passed since the Presidential Election and we still don't know who won.  It all comes down to a handful of votes in Florida, where Buchanan received a disproportionate amount of votes in Palm Beach county, Bush claims victory by the narrowest of margins, Gore wins the popular vote and threatens lawsuits, while Nadar sits back and smiles through it all. Even the GF! poll is inconclusive--is it any wonder that we're looking for a little Sanity?  
Weekly Gaming News
Sony announces a new entry in the MMOG genre, Epic Games jumps on the X-Box bandwagon, Tribes 2 goes Linux, Indrema pushes forward, and more.  Check it out in this weeks gaming news.
Top Selling Titles
C&C Red Alert 2 is tops on the latest PC sales list, and Madden NFL 2001 continues to score big on the PS2.  Quake III Arena frags the DC competion while THPS2 skates past the competition on PSX and The World Is Not Enough is detected atop the N64 best-sellers.  Check the numbers on the top selling titles here.
Command and Conquer:
Red Alert 2 Review (PC) 

November 9, 2000

screen3-01.jpg (8484 bytes)Fast, furious, and funny, Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 isn't so much a sequel to Red Alert as a parody of it. The game's units, storyline, and gameplay are outrageous, and you know what? That works for us.
Pure Ride Review (PSX)
PureRidePSX_S05-01.jpg (3825 bytes)The first snow has descended on Moscow, and that means the first snowboarders will be descending on the mountains soon. And that means poor saps like us have to vicariously experience the joy of the hill through games like MTV Sports: Pure Ride.
Sega Marine Fishing Review (DC)

November 8, 2000

The only thing wrong with Sega Bass Fishing was the bass. Sure, it's fun to watch Babe Winkleman and his buddy, Billy, catch bass all day long, but in a video game it gets a little monotonous. That's why Sega Marine Fishing ranks way above its predecessor. With over 15 species of fish to catch, some way cool levels, minigames, and an innovative internet application, this thing is not only way fun, but lasts a long time. Hook up with the review here.
Dreamcast Gets Even Better
Shenmue made its spectacular debut yesterday. It looks oh-so-sweet. Just check out that screenshot. If you live in San Jose, Cali, you can get your limited edition five-disc set signed this weekend by Yu Suzuki, legendary developer of Shenmue. Here's the press release with all the details.   And to make things better, Sega has announced their broadband adapter for the DC. It's due out on January 2, 2001, and should cost around $59. According to the GameWeek Feature Story, the import adapter works fine in a US machine -- so keep an eye on those import sites.

Close Combat:
Invasion Normandy Review (PC)

November 7, 2000

mainh-01.jpg (7026 bytes)In what's probably the last gasp of a venerable series, SSI serves up more of the same. Close Combat: Invasion Normandy puts you on the D-Day beaches, but it won't remind you of Saving Private Ryan. It will remind you of all the other Close Combat games.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Review (N64)

Go, go! Power Rangers! After reviews of this game for every system, we've just got that damn theme song stuck in our heads. Jeremy put Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue for N64 to the ultimate test -- a six year old boy. See how the old warhorse of a franchise fares.

Rogue Spear: Covert Ops Essentials Review (PC)

If you still haven't had enough of capping tangos, Rogue Spear: Covert Ops Essentials offers more missions, more training and a test. That's right, a test.
Baldur's Gate II Review (PC)

November 6, 2000

Over 200 hours of gameplay later, Matt finishes Baldur's Gate 2: The Shadows of Amn and refrains from slaying dragons just long enough to write this review. Long story short: Black Isle and Bioware take the BG1 engine to the next level in what may well be the best computer RPG yet.

Quake III Arena Review (DC)

It's the pride of the PC deathmatch -- Quake III Arena finally gets an awesome port to DC. Online multiplayer, gorgeous graphics, and furious fragfests make this one pretty dang awesome, but it still ain't no Perfect Dark.

Way Too Much Time On Our Hands

We must just have too much time on our hands to throw up daily posts. As if we weren't busy enough playing games. We still don't have as much time on our hands as this guy, who came up with a way to connect your DC to the Internet through your DSL modem (but not at DSL speeds) using an old PC running Linux, PPP server, and a bunch of other things we read about on Slashdot sometimes. We'll wait for the ethernet adapter, which should be out in a month or so if rumors are correct. Don't forget about our contests. We're giving away a copy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 for the PlayStation (looks even better on PS2) and three copies of the Diablo II Official Strategy Guide. C'mon, how can you resist? And during this election week, we've got a themed poll. Do your duty -- Vote!

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