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NASCAR Heat 2002 Review (PS2)

July 31, 2001

NASCAR season is upon us, and somewhat more visible this year thanks to certain notable passings. Of course, NASCAR Heat 2002 isn't a game for NASCAR-weenies like me. It's a game for hardcore NASCAR simulation fans, like our man Jake. Check it out.
Chu Chu Rocket Advance Review (GBA)
4P_CHU~1.jpg (11046 bytes)Sega's excellent puzzle title, Chu Chu Rocket Advance, brings plenty of gaming goodness to the GBA. With thousands of puzzles, infinite replayability, tons of options, and a level editor, this is one bad, bad time hog. Go ahead, just play one round. We dare you.

FREE--TRIBES 2 Summer of Champions Tournaments

July 27, 2001

D-Link, an award winning designer, developer and manufacturer of networking and communications solutions, Sierra™, one of the oldest and largest worldwide publishers of interactive entertainment and productivity software, and VitalStream, Inc., a leading provider of customized solutions for digital broadcasting today announced that they have formed an alliance to support tournaments of Sierra's Tribes™ 2 team-based online game.  With up to $30,000 in prizes, players can enter for free, and win prizes such as D-Link MP3 Players, D-Link Networking Kits, signed copies of Tribes 2, and Tribes 2 Summer Games 2001 jerseys.  Get the scoop here!
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Review (GBC)
Disney's animated hit comes to the GBC, and it isn't half bad. Atlantis: The Lost Empire allows you to control several of the characters from the movie, using their various talents to succeed at saving that thing that needs saving. We haven't seen the film, but we played the game. Click here.

WarJetz Review (PS2)

July 26, 2001

Continuing their World Destruction League series, 3DO brings us WarJetz. Take command of a sweet airplane loaded with weapons and blow the competition right out of the sky. Or don't, if you take the advice of our man Jeremy. Apparently this is one to pass on. See for yourself.
Matchbox Emergency Patrol Review (GBC)
Who needs imagination? Nobody! At least, not when you've got a GBC. What fantasies could equal the reality of its little screen? Matchbox Emergency Patrol will have you putting out REAL fires and catching REAL crooks, rather than just pretending in mom's flower garden. Sweet. Click here.

MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael Review (PS2)

July 24, 2001

THQ has carved a niche in the freestyle motocross genre, and they've got that niche filled up with their latest, MX 2002 Featuring Ricky Carmichael. With some 30 racers, lots of tracks, and tons of tricks, this is one to check out for sure. Get to the starting line.
Spec Ops: Ranger Elite Review (PSX)
Take Two's "Got Game" line has been hit and miss. Some, like Darkstone or Action Bass, have been pretty decent. But the Spec Ops series hasn't. Last summer, Brandon wrote a hilarious review of Spec Ops. This summer our newest writer, Dave Logan, came up with an equally hilarious review of Spec Ops: Ranger Elite. Click here.
Summoner Review (PC)
Originally planned for the PC, Summoner is a Playstation 2 port-- the PC version was temporarily abandoned in order to make the PS2 launch. The good news is that there was no need to worry-- there's plenty of gaming goodness with a unique fighting system and some bonuses specific to the PC platform.  Follow me!

Escape From Monkey Island Review (PS2)

July 20, 2001

The classic LucasArts adventure franchise has made its way to PS2. Hilarity and wacky hijinx ensue in Escape From Monkey Island. With pirates, monkeys, and lots of "grog," what could possibly go wrong? Well, let Monica tell you all about it. Click here scurvy dawgs.
ICO Preview (PS2)
After not enough gameplay on ICO at E3, we're happy to get on the latest Sony Jampack and check it out. You can pick up a Jampack at your local games store, and in the meantime you should check out Jason's impressions of this phenomenal title. Click here.

Game Boy Advance Accessories Reviews

July 19, 2001

We've been blessed by the biggest names in console accessories manufacturers: Nyko, Nuby, and Pelican. These three companies have put out a wide array of lights, battery packs, carrying cases, link cables, and other accessories so you can make your GBA experience super cush. Check out our Game Boy Advance Accessories Survey for the whole story.

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Exp. Pack Review (PC)

Built around the Quake III engine, Star Tek Voyager Elite Force Expansion still has all the features that made the original the only really excellent Star Trek game to date, plus an added feature or two. New levels, new missions, and new areas make the old game a good bit better.  Resistance is futile!

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