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Serious Sam Review (PC) 

March 30, 2001

When the Serious Sam demo was released, it caught almost everybody by surprise. Nobody really expected a team of Croatian game designers to offer a first-person shooter capable of  matching the graphics or gameplay that good ol’ American boys were wringing out of the Quake III and Unreal engines. Guess again.  Get the serious scoop here.
Kingdom II: Shadoan Review (DVD/PS2)
What's uglier than that lame-o animated version of the Hobbit and less fun to play with than a dead gopher? Kingdom II: Shadoan! From the creator of Dragon's Lair (no, not Don Bluth) comes another incredibly shallow, and frustrating, nostalgia title. Click here for your fair warning.
Bill Gates Announces Plans for XboxT
The Japanese Xbox, XboxT, will sport a smaller controller. But that's not the exciting stuff. It turns out that Microsoft is hoping to become a major presence in Japan, a needed market to survive in console gaming. Click here for information about Microsoft's plans for Japan. And Sega got into the fray by announcing eleven games in development. Click here for details about Sega's Xbox titles and how Sega is going to help Microsoft with online gaming.
Conker's Bad Fur Day OSG Review
Conker's Bad Fur Day is definitely tough enough to want a strategy guide. But the Conker's Bad Fur Day Official Strategy Guide isn't up to the usual BradyGames standards. The strategies are sparse and poorly explained, and don't work half the time. Plus it's just not fun to read. Click here.
Sudden Strike (PC)

March 28, 2001

ss5.jpg (4309 bytes)Sudden Strike sounds like a superb idea: take an RTS sans resource management and set it in World War II. While it's got great graphics and fast and furious gameplay, Sudden Strike unfortunately doesn't really have much to do with World War II. In the end, it's about as realistic as Hogan's Heroes. Of course, that was a great show. 
Conker's Bad Fur Day Review (N64)
We've got a Big @$$ Review of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Not only does this title mark a radical change for Rare and Nintendo, but it's #&@%!#$ hilarious (if you like potty jokes and ironic references to video games). This one isn't for the kiddies, but it's great for all us %$#@*&!@#$%*!. Click here.
Fear Effect 2 Review (PSX)

March 26, 2001

The ladies are back, and this time is better than ever. Yup, we enjoyed Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix, even thought the fixed camera angles suck. A good story, and some good, long gameplay make it worth checking out. And the cartoon hotties don't hurt. Click.
A Tale of Two Peripherals (PC)
Many peripherals employ new technology to enhance players' gaming experience. We'll take a look at two recent offerings, one that uses motion as a control mechanism and another that uses force feedback sound.  Frustrating or enhancing you ask?  Click here to read on and we'll give you the lowdown on what you can expect from these two very different products.
Undying Review (PC) 

March 23, 2001

Undying is a gothic horror set in 1923 in which you play Irishman Patrick Galloway, a roving investigator of the paranormal--think early X-Files. Initially skeptical, it doesn't take long before the game starts throwing bloodthirsty demons a-plenty at Galloway. Investigate more here.
The Ward Review (PC)
The strengths of The Ward begin to show within the opening scenes, from the moment you wake in the heart of the alien moon base.  Around you a war seems to be taking place.  The doors of your chamber have been blown open, your alien guards lay dead, along with the remains of another human. Click here for more...
Triple Play Baseball 2002 (PC)

March 21, 2001

tp2k2b.jpg (4180 bytes)Ah, the rituals of Spring--pitchers and catchers reporting back early to training camps, new rookie phenoms, the crack of wood on horsehide, EA Sports releasing Triple Play Baseball 2002, yet another half-assed baseball game in the Triple Play series.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 Review (PS2) 

Greens fees and sassy caddies got you down? Abandon those real-world worries, and dip into the creamy PS2 goodness of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001. Featuring gorgeous graphics and good gameplay, this game is way more entertaining than the back nine. Click here.
The Bouncer Review (PS2)
If there's one thing the PS2 hubub has done right, it's the hype. Unfortunately, much of it is unwarranted. Case in point: Squaresoft's latest brawler, The Bouncer. This is a feature-length game (about two hours of play time) that feels much more like a movie than an interactive experience. Click here for all the dirt.

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