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Undying Review (PC) 

March 23, 2001

Undying is a gothic horror set in 1923 in which you play Irishman Patrick Galloway, a roving investigator of the paranormal--think early X-Files. Initially skeptical, it doesn't take long before the game starts throwing bloodthirsty demons a-plenty at Galloway. Investigate more here.
The Ward Review (PC)
The strengths of The Ward begin to show within the opening scenes, from the moment you wake in the heart of the alien moon base.  Around you a war seems to be taking place.  The doors of your chamber have been blown open, your alien guards lay dead, along with the remains of another human. Click here for more...
Triple Play Baseball 2002 (PC)

March 21, 2001

tp2k2b.jpg (4180 bytes)Ah, the rituals of Spring--pitchers and catchers reporting back early to training camps, new rookie phenoms, the crack of wood on horsehide, EA Sports releasing Triple Play Baseball 2002, yet another half-assed baseball game in the Triple Play series.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001 Review (PS2) 

March 20, 2001

Greens fees and sassy caddies got you down? Abandon those real-world worries, and dip into the creamy PS2 goodness of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001. Featuring gorgeous graphics and good gameplay, this game is way more entertaining than the back nine. Click here.
The Bouncer Review (PS2)
If there's one thing the PS2 hubub has done right, it's the hype. Unfortunately, much of it is unwarranted. Case in point: Squaresoft's latest brawler, The Bouncer. This is a feature-length game (about two hours of play time) that feels much more like a movie than an interactive experience. Click here for all the dirt.
Black & White goes gold! (PC) 

March 16, 2001

One of the most highly anticipated games in recent history, Peter Molyneux's Black & White, the game where you play a god and lead your worshippers to dominance over the world - all while raising a pet - has gone gold.  Initiating what we hope will become a glut of "A List" game releases for the PC, we've been waiting a long time for this.  We've got the story here.
Halo Preview (Xbox)
The folks from Bungie have been working on Halo, a title that has been long talked about. Originally intended for a PC release, the Xbox team has taken Halo and made it Xbox specific. And it's sweet. Check out the amazing graphics, and dig those multiplayer details. Click here for the preview.
NFL Fever 2002 Preview (Xbox)
What's a launch without a football game? Apparently not much. So Microsoft will accompany the Xbox with NFL Fever 2002. Focusing on details, control, and lots of replay value (you can play 25 straight seasons in the dynasty mode), big M hopes this will be the next NFL 2K1. Check here for a first look.
Fuzion Frenzy Preview (Xbox)
To round out the first party launch titles, Microsoft is giving us a party game to end all party games. We're not quite sure how Fuzion Frenzy is played, but it involves a futuristic urban street game and about 45 mini-games. Play options are entirely customizable, and it looks pretty cool. Click here for the preview.
Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter Review (PC) 

March 14, 2001

If you loved Icewind Dale, you’ll like the Heart of Winter expansion pack. Even though some of the BG II engine’s refinements have found their way into the game, not much of the content has, and Heart of Winter remains a full-bore hack n’ slash dungeon crawl. Get the chilling details here.
Microsoft Gamestock News
At Gamestock yesterday, Microsoft released a whole new wave of details about the Xbox. First off, their list of first party developers now includes designers of games like Black & White, Grim Fandango, and Rayman. Click here for the developers list. Big M also told us what games to expect as first-party launch titles. Oooh, it's so juicy. Click here for the games list.
Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding Preview (Xbox)
This is a game with an inspired name. Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding will let you take on over 120 runs, on real-life mountains and fantasy venues, to strive for top spot among the pros. Become world famous, if you can. Click here for details and pretty screens.
Project Gotham Preview (Xbox)
Move over Gran Turismo, Project Gotham is in the hizz-ouse. Hoping to get their share of the photo-realistic racing sim, Microsoft is working on this bad boy that will reward you for being a bad boy. Or girl. Get the details here.
Nightcaster Preview (Xbox)
The Xbox will debut with several RPGs available. Nightcaster is one of them, and seems to be an action-RPG of sorts. It's got some snazzy graphics, and the hype sounds good. But can the Xbox defeat the launch-RPG curse? Who knows. Click here.
Azurik Preview (Xbox)
Another RPG/action adventure title for Xbox, Azurik puts you in control of the title character to save a magical world from evil and destruction. This title uses elemental magical combat to make things lively. Click here.

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