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Star Wars Starfighter Review (PS2)

February 23, 2001

After a long string of very marginal Star Wars franchise games, LucasArts finally hits the nail on the head with Starfighter. You get to mix it up in cool Star Wars ships and giant space battles. With great visuals and sweet control, this one will suck your life away. Come to the dark side.
NBA Live 2001 Review (PC)
EA Sports will be the only ones to take a shot at hoops for the PC this year.  NBA Live 2001 adds a little and takes away a lot from last year's offering.  Yes it's pretty and yes, it'll require a monster of a machine to max out all the graphical goodies.  Is it a brick or a slam dunk?  Fast break here for the scoop on the hoops.
Oni Review (PS2)

February 21, 2001

She's bad, and she's on your PS2. Konoko, the star of Oni, is one tough cookie. And she looks way cool. Rockstar and Bungie have brought us a lot of innovation with Oni, but also a load of headaches. It's not perfect, but it is original and a lot of fun. Check out the review for the whole story.
Sega Game Gear is Resurrected
Sure, the Lynx had color, but the Game Gear had better games. And the Game Boy, well, if you were into graphics at all it wasn't even an option. All ye retro gamers of the 21st Century gather 'round: Majesco has re-released the Sega Game Gear. Plus, they're re-publishing a whole bunch of classic titles.  It's available now -- as in, today. Click here for details.
D-Link DI-704 Review (PC)

February 19, 2001

The most reliable name in home network hardware offers up a phenomenal new home DSL/Cable modem gateway. The DI-704 Home Internet Gateway is a great piece of engineering. Firewall protection, super easy installation, and lots of customizability, all at an affordable price, make it very much worth checking out. Click here for the review.
SSX Review (PS2)
Yes, we know this review is very outdated. But in the hubub of the PS2 launch, and Xmas after that, we missed it. So we offer a review of SSX now that surveys the field of PS2 titles. Even after several months of availability, this game still packs a helluva punch. Click.
Battle of Britain (PC)

February 16, 2001

Screen10-01.jpg (5365 bytes)It looks good and it plays good--if you can get it running. Rowan and Empire's Battle of Britain combines strategic play that puts most wargames to shame with the most spectacular and compelling dogfighting since European Air War. It's buggier than Louisiana in July and may not even run on some systems, but at its best this could be the finest combat flight sim you can legally purchase.
Mega Man 64 (N64))
5copy-01.jpg (3514 bytes)Mega Man is busy this spring. Not only has he reappeared on the GBC, and is forthcoming on the PlayStation, but Legends has finally been brought to the N64. Mega Man 64 is basically a port of Mega Man Legends, and it looks like a three year old port of a marginal PSX title. It's a bit sad. Click here for the whole spiel.

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