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Max Payne 2 Review (PC)

November 1, 2003

Want to make a legend? Here’s the recipe: Take your usual action videogame, add a half pound of cool, two cups of kick ass, and a teaspoon of uber style. It worked last time, and Rockstar’s latest, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne: A Film Noir Love Story, improves on the origional title in almost every aspect. Click here John Woo style for the whole story.

Star Wars: Rouge Squadron III: Rebel Strike Review (GC)

So you feel like a Jedi, eh? Want to take down a Sith Lord or two? Well you can’t vote till next November, but you can play Star Wars Rouge Squadron III: Reble Strike right now. With superb Star Wars action and an awesome co-op mode, it’s one of the best games out-- especially if you ignore the parts that suck.. Click here, or forever walk the path of ignorance.

Savage:  The Battle for Newerth Review (PC)

Savage: The Battle for Newerth, isn’t your typical PC title. Essentially a FPS shooter with A bit of RTS and the occasional tinge of MMORPG, this title adds a little teamwork to the action routine. The next new thing or an interesting gimmik? Click here to find out.

WWE Raw 2 Review (XBox)

The spectacle that is pro-wrestling finds its way to the Xbox via WWE Raw 2. All the characters are here along with oodles of game options, but does this title deliver the whole package or go down for the count? Jeremy tells it like it is right here.

DDRMAX2 Review (PS2)

October 16, 2003

All across Asia–arcades in Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, gamers young and old, male and female line up to show their stuff on Dance Dance revolution’s various incarnations. Now you can join in on the craze from the comfort of your own livingroom. Konami’s DDRMAX 2, the latest release in the Dance Dance Revolution game, is now in US stores and, best of all, it comes bundled with the dance pad. So whether you’re looking to go pro, just have a little fun, or shed a few pounds, this one shouldn’t be missed. So what are you waiting for? Click here and bust a move.

Final Fantasy Games Preview

GamesFirst resident Squareophile Matt James gives us a preview of the three title Final Fantasy line-up about to grace the consoles of gamers everywhere. Which one should you be looking forward to most? Click here to find out. 

Law and Order II Review (PC)

Law and Order II: Double or Nothing starts with a pretty good idea. A narrative driven videogame where you spend the first half of the game trying to solve a mystery and the second half of the game going for a conviction in the courtroom sounds like a, innovative, promising concept. How is the execution? Tristan, a long time Law and Order fan, puts this steaming pile on trial. Click here for the verdict.  

P.N.03 Review (GC)

Capcom brings their frenzied shoot-em up style into a 3-D world with P.N.03 (Product Number 03 if you’re wondering). Lots of action Capcom style, but can they get the job done in that extra dimension? Click here to find out.

WWE Wrestlemania XIX Review  (GameCube)

THQ’s WWE WrestleMania XIX features a solid wrestling engine and some decent multiplayer action, but it’s all downhill from there because they forgot to add the WWE to their WWE WrestleMania. From the top rope, Eric drops a flying rhetorical elbow right here.

Midnight Club 2 Review (XBox)

October 9, 2003

Heart-pounding action, ultra-fun races, wonderfully interactive cities to race in and the best racing multi-player action around, via Xbox live, Midnight Club 2 on the Xbox is one of the best racing games ever made. So plug in your broadband, fire up your Xbox, and prepare to rock and roll with Rockstars’ latest legend, Midnight Club 2. Click here to read about one of the best racing games of the year

Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild Review (PS2)

THQ is back with the latest installment in the popular Splashdown jetski racing series, with a game for the PS2.  Click here to find out if it's worth its salt.

Lethal Skies II Review (PS2)

Lethal Skies II, Ho hum, another Lethal Skies game... but wait. What’s this? The developers at Asmik Ace actually listened to reviewers, fixed almost everything that was wrong with the last version and delivered an improved game that’s vastly more fun to play? If you want to dog fight in style, click here. 

The Great Escape Review (XBox)

The classic action film The Great Escape finds itself on the Xbox, 40 years after wowing audiences on the big screen. Combine stealth action and a famous story and what do you get-- A brilliant idea or another movie-to-game lame fest? Both, and Jeremy tells us why right here.

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