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BloodRayne Reviw (PC)

Jan 19, 2004

PC gamers searching for an action packed gore fest need look no further. Majesco Games brings the console hit BloodRayne, complete with uber violent vampire action and sharp graphics, to the PC. But an imperfect port and very high system requirements will limit the audience. Would be undead slayers click here for the full review.

Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu Review (GBA)

I’d like to be the first one to tell you that Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu is a pretty good game, but if I did I would be a really huge liar so I’m not going to. One of the worst fighting systems ever engineered, bland graphics and little variety are a few of the fatal flaws that doom this game. How bad could it really be? Click here to find out.

NBA Inside Drive 2004 Review (XBox)

Are you ready for a game where thugs, rapists, and drug dealers compete to see who is the baddest? How about a realistic game where millions of dollars hang in the balance of a ticking clock and criminals roam free trying to earn their share? That’s right, it’s the NBA ind it’s ready for your Xbox. NBA Inside Drive 2004 brings all the NBA action you could want, complete with XBL support for copious amounts of smack talking. Click here for the full review.

Terminator 3 Review (GBA)

So you here that Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is on the GBA, and you probably say, “I bet it’s just another crappy license game”, and I say, “You are probably right”. But lets click right here and ask Eric, just to make sure.

XIII Review (PS2)

XIII brings something new to the FPS genre: an un paralleled sense of style and purpose. There just isn’t anything to compare it to. A fantastic aesthetic and a great story are two of the very good reasons why you should click right here and read the review.

Final Fantasy X2 Review (PS2)

Jan 11, 2004

Square breaks with tradition and delivers a full-fledged bonafide sequel. That’s right; characters you came to love in Final Fantasy X are back in action for FF X-2. Mission centered gameplay marks another significant break in tradition-- with all these changes, can Square’s magic come through in full force? Click right here for our take on Final Fantasy X-2.

Fugitive Review (PS2)

Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror, is a terribly crafted FPS by any gameplay standard: horribly bland graphics, lame and choppy gameplay, the list goes on. In short, this swill isn’t worth playing if you get it for free. From a rhetorical standpoint, Fugitive Hunter is propaganda of the worst sort, and reeks of McCarthy-era brutality and ignorance. The game is a must miss, but the review is a must read, as Steffan Ralph DelPiano explores the disturbing implications of Fugitive Hunter: War on Terror.

Kill.Switch Review (Xbox)

In one word, what is Namco’s kill.switch? A mesmerizing story of mystery and drama of the sort not seen often enough in videogames–a thrilling adventure and a top notch action game. That’s more than one word I guess, but kill.switch deserves them all and these words as well: Click here for the full review of this surprisingly stunning title.

Knights of the Old Republic Review (PC)

I consider Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to be one of the greatest games ever created and one of the most important, intriguing texts of this young millennium. Copious amounts of dialogue conspire into well crafted conversations that carry real consequences in both gameplay and story. The Xbox masterpiece makes its way to the PC, and this one is not to be missed– just make sure to download the patch. But click here before you do, and read the full review.

Secret Weapons Over Normandy Review (PC, PS2, XBox)

Lucas Arts gives the Jedi a rest and looks to WW II for inspiration. It’s no sim, but Secret Weapons Over Normandy delivers an arcade punch or two on the PC, PS2 and Xbox. But when it comes to thumb-blazing arcade dogfights, the sky is already full of aces. Is there room for one more, or does Secret Weapons Over Normandy go down in flames? Set your sights right here, and fire at will.

Tak Review (GameCube,PS2)

Those with a hankering for some platformer action should look into Tak and the Power of Juju, especially those who are big on the Nickelodeon scene. While Tak isn’t going to be up for any game of the year awards, it doesn’t have any real flaws either. Does that make it a sleeper hit for Christmas? Click here to find out.

Tak Review (GBA)

Platform action isn’t just for the livingroom–just ask any Gameboy Advance fan. Not to be bound to the Gamecube and PS2, Tak and the Power of Juju also makes an appearance on the GBA. There’s not a to see if you played the console version, but how does it hold-up on its own merits? Click here to find out. 

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