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by Melbourne House
The world has been decimated by a nuclear holocaust. Civilization as we know it is gone, and hundreds of years later, the radiation is finally falling to a bearable level. Humanity has become two separate races. There are the Evolved who survived an irradiated world, adapting to their surroundings by taming the mutated surface wildlife. On the other hand there are the Survivors, who waited out the nuclear holocaust in underground shelters.

Now that the radiation is bearable, the Survivors have finally come out from hiding to find mutated humans worshipping strange gods. So what do they do? They shoot the mutants, triggering a war between the Survivors and the Evolved.

KKND Xtreme is one of the newest of a number of real time combat games. My first impression from the box was "... another Command and Conquer remake." Well, that statement was almost true. KKND Xtreme is exactly like C&C (Command and Conquer), with a number of small changes.

Each scenario consists mainly of gathering resources (oil), building a base, and building troops to fight your battles. This tried and true method has worked for a number games and it’s no different here. Harvest your resources, build your big tanks, send them after the enemy, and hope you win.

So if KKND is just like C&C, why buy it? I was asking myself that when I first played it, until I completed a mission or two. The cut scenes between missions are the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I found myself reminded of old Monty Python movies and skits when I saw these video clips. While this doesn’t make the game seem really serious, it really makes it stand out from all the other real time games I’ve played. This along with the humorous voices and sound effects in the game make it a riot to play.

Aside from the humor, KKND does boast a smarter AI (units retreat, and coordinate attacks) overlapping terrain features (bridges), turreted units (can move and fire at the same time), a unit queue (you can specify a number of units to be produced). Another little addition is the "Technology Bunkers" that appear in various levels. These bunkers are from before the nuclear war, and they may contain anything from extra resource points to a big bad robot. And since these robots are from before the war, they are the toughest things around.

While all these effects do add to the game, they don’t add much compared to a baseline of C&C Red Alert, or even Warcraft II. The new AI isn’t really that smart, and the special terrain features and turreted units don’t really make the game that much different. Overall, KKND can be described as C&C with laughs.

As for the KKND Xtreme pack, it comes with the normal KKND missions along with a bunch of Xtreme missions. From what I saw, these Xtreme missions were TOUGH! The ones I tried were fun, and definitely not an easy walk in the park. While normal KKND missions were hard, these were extra difficult, strategy intensive levels. Definitely made for the serious KKND player.

Plus Side:

  • More advanced AI
  • Good Terrain Features
  • The HUMOR
  • Produce multiple units together

Minus Side:

  • Tough missions
  • Not Different Enough

So if you need a new C&C game, have some time to kill, or are just looking for laughs, try out KKND Xtreme.

--David Korus