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by LucasArts

Here it is, the no frills, head-to-head confrontation of the Rebel X-Wing Starfighter vs. the Imperial TIE Fighter.

The design focus and goal of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was to create a new richness in multi-player game play. The Lucas Arts homepage said, "Given the complexity of the game engine and overall design, we had to make some tradeoffs. A single player campaign is under consideration for the upcoming expansion disc."

The Review:
X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is a game for the true network player enthusiast. It is basically a realization in full of what all of us who where around to see the original Star Wars Trilogy in the movie theaters. That being the heroic (or villainous depending on your taste) pilot out to save the Universe, to swoop through the raging battle in your starfighter sowing havoc and dead to those who oppose you (it sure is a step up from running trough my house as a kid with my toy X-Wing and pretending I was Luke Skywalker). And, while the original X-Wing and TIE Fighter brought you all this, now you can bring some of your friends into the fray with you.

The first thing you will notice in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter is the graphics. They are a far cry from X-Wing and definitely better than TIE Fighter. The next thing you will notice is the fact that just about ever ship that you ever saw in the movies and about 50 that weren’t are in this. After the improved graphics have settled in, you will notice (assuming you have a good sound card and sound system) the great sound with this game. It is almost like having John William’s orchestra right there with you. I don’t just mean good sound, I mean the movie music score playing along with you. It is really excellent.

Really the only thing I can hack here is the lack of a theme for the single player option. I know the intent is a multi/internet-player game, put I think a career, plot and theme for the single player would have been nice for all of us who don’t have a network readily available. Let’s just watch for the expansion disk coming up.

One other problem, however, was the internet multi-player games. A great idea, but it just isn't possible to play a three or four player game without suffering serious lag. I understand that this can't always be avoided, but when the TIE fighter you are chasing just dissappears due to lag it is frustrating.

--Brent Hegarty