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The Return of the GF! Mailbag
posted by: Matt James
date posted: 01:05 PM Fri Sep 9th, 2005
last revision: 08:09 PM Fri Sep 9th, 2005

Click to read.Got a burning question for the GF! Staff? Did you really hate one of our reviews and you just gotta tell us why? Maybe you\'re just wondering what size shoe our EIC Shawn Rider wears? Or where GF! Staffer Jeremy Kauffman buys his hair gel? (Why isn\'t this stuff on profile?) Well I got just the thing for ya.

Maybe some of our more faithful readers remember the old GF! Mailbag? Maybe not? Regardless, it\'s back and we are very excited. Our hope is that this will give us the chance to connect with our readers in a way that we haven\'t been able to in the past. Furthermore, we are preparing to feature reader letters in a second regular podcast, for the tragically hip. (Voiced this time by our very own staff writer Eric Bodrero.)

Are you totally jacked now, but can\'t think of a reason to write? I know the feeling. So why don\'t we kick it off with you guys letting us know what you think of Gamesfirst!\'s latest look and the shnazzy new features. Did you notice the brand new sidebars, our first podcast, and the writer\'s profiles? Just no criticizing our pics. We are gamers after all.

So drop us a line at mailbag[AT]gamesfirst.com and maybe I\'ll make you famous. Just to give you a taste here are a few letters we\'ve already received.

Subject: Question

Where can I buy this game WWE Here Comes the Pain and how much will it be?
Pls. Reply

Well, here is a quick idea. Go to the top of our page and click the \"buy games\" tab. It will take you to a search engine. Type in WWE Here Comes the Pain and you will get a nifty little page comparing prices from a number of online venders. Looks like your game is going for an Average price of $6.18 on Ebay and about $19.99 every where else. So, if you can make your purchase online, just click the mouse and er...wait for the pain to come.

Subject: X-Box Rules!!!

I would like to comment about the article comparing the X-Box and Ps2.
I completely agree with what the article says. I would just like to
add one thing; whoever thinks that the X-Box looks strange is
completely crazy! Compared to the PS2, the X-Box totally looks
better. I also came up with an analogy\"would you buy a game system
that is built by a company that specializes in building computers, or
would you rather buy a game system built by a company that makes;
stereo\'s, CD players, and headphones ect.

From the number one X-Box fan

Wow, someone was trolling through the archives. At first glance I thought you were talking about the Xbox 360. We are glad you enjoyed the article. Personally I enjoy having both consoles, heck I need my Cube too. If I was limited to a choice between the three it sure would have been a hard one. Luckily I am rich, or at least the companies that lend me money (for a modest fee) are. I may have to quibble with your analogy, though. Not only does Sony in fact make computers but also they were making gaming consoles before Microsoft. One could make the analogy \"Would you buy a game system from the creators of the butt kickingest Playstation, or those Windows guys who crash your computer 3 or 4 times a day?\" Anyway, all three of them are kinda ugly.

I\'ll leave you with a classic email exactly as we received it. It is...well... surreal. Shawn originally described it as making him feel \"all Zen\".


i have finished the level where i use the radio, and get rid of natasha out on the boat. it tells me to hide under the bed in a cell well i have been there for hours and cant get to the next level i am the thief with whisky the dog

When you say \"it\" are you talking about the dog? Did the dog tell you to do it? Don\'t, that never works out well.

Until next time,
I am the Matt with GF! The mailbag

Ps. If you want your name or other info withheld please make a note at the end of your letter. Thanks!

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