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ups: Nobody can make you play it.
downs: Where to start, the wireless play doesn't even work

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Street Supremacy Review
game: Street Supremacy
two star
posted by: Matt James
publisher: Konami/Genki
developer: Genki
date posted: 04:05 AM Sun Mar 12th, 2006
last revision: 04:06 AM Sun Mar 12th, 2006

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Click to read.If you spend money on Street Supremacy you should be taken out into the street and... well, not shot, since you obviously have impeccable taste in gaming sites, but flogged maybe. Yeah, you\'d deserve a good flogging.

Supporting bad games with your hard earned money is like the eighth deadly sin and this game is not good. Of all the racing games that have come out in the post-Fast and the Furious era, Street Supremacy is easily the worst. I\'ve already added Street Supremacy to my \"things I hate list\", right between Will Smith and gristle.

Curious whether others agreed with me, I decided to check Game Rankings and see what my peers thought about it. I wasn\'t too surprised to see that it was one of the worst reviewed games I\'ve seen in a while. Its average ratio, for reviews, is listed currently at 46%.

Power walking would make a more intense gaming experience than Street Supremacy. You never get any feeling of speed. I kept waiting for my car to really start moving, only to discover that my mph gauge seemed to think I was going very fast. And you can\'t expect the music to add to the intensity level. Street Supremacy features one of the blandest, most generic racing game soundtracks this reviewer has ever stumbled upon. After a couple moments I just muted it and continued my snail-racing in silence.

I kinda liked the RPG-esque level-up system. It was really the only thing that kept me moving on to the next race. Even so, Street Supremacy is so vague and the menu system is so labyrinthine that I was never really sure if that next race was the one I really wanted. The tracks are generic, as are the different types of races, so most of the time I wasn\'t even sure that I was doing a different race at all.

Street Supremacy is lacking even some of the basest functions. I can\'t think of a racer that didn\'t have a retry ability. As you come to expect with any PSP game, Street Supremacy boasts some pretty lengthy load times. Twice I set down the PSP during loading only to have my opponent take off without me. I couldn\'t just restart the race though. I was screwed.

You aren\'t able to retry after losing a race either. I really wanted to retry in the beginning. It took me a good five or six races before I won. It took me two or three just to figure out how to win. You don\'t just race to the finish line; you have a power meter! Of course you\'re not really given any explanation on how this all works. Most of this game is figured out the same way a blind man figures out he is at a nudist camp: you just have to feel your way around.

After all the trouble you go through to figure your way around Street Supremacy it really isn\'t worth it. Most of the races aren\'t even worth the load times. After I got to the point where I could win most of the races the load times usually took longer than the races. Oh yeah, and they weren\'t fun. When you aren\'t racing, you\'re treated to a nonsensical story in which street racer gangs challenge each other over turf and stuff like that. You know, the typical stuff racer gangs fight over. How does this riveting story line play out? Scrolling text! Honestly, I don\'t care. I\'d take the text over more wasted loading time for a lame cut scene.

The wireless two player mode basically doesn\'t work. The two games don\'t match up. You might as well be playing the computer because you really aren\'t interacting with your friend. This is one of the worst things I have come across in the entire time I have been reviewing games. Who cares if it doesn\'t have infrastructure support if it would have worked as horribly as the Ad-hoc does.

The only bright spots are eclipsed by the fact that you must race in order for them to be of any use to you. Still, it is cool that you not only race your rivals but you can race within your team for better placement on the roster. The twenty some cars you have to pick from are not a lot, but it is plenty for the job and those cars are all customizable. It doesn\'t compare to Need for Speed, but there is still some added depth that Street Supremacy badly needs. I do like the RPG-like leveling up system, as I said, but it is hardly enough to pull the game into good graces. This game sucks.

I really don\'t know how many more ways I can tell you that this game isn\'t worth your time or money. There are already a handful of racing games for the PSP that are a lot of fun. I had a ton of fun with Need for Speed, Midnight Club, and Burnout. They all offer experiences comparable to their big brother counterparts, but on the go. Street Supremacy is just a slug. You shouldn\'t buy it, or rent it. If you have read this far into the review then you are only letting Street Supremacy waste precious moments of your life by extension. The game is just pure evil.

Thank goodness Burnout Revenge has been released for the 360, cause I am gonna need to cleanse my pallet.

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