WWF Smackdown

Pre-season bonuses
Finish the following number of pre-seasons to get the corresponding bonus:

Season 1: Wealth option
Season 2: European title and ability
Season 3: Women's title and ability
Season 4: Tournament and ability
Season 5: Hardcore title and ability
Season 6: IC title and ability
Season 7: Tag title and ability
Season 8: Title match and ability

Unlock More Moves
When creating your wrestler, set each of your skills to the highest setting. This will unlock more moves for you to edit your wrestler.

Bonus Wrestlers
Go into Season Mode and as you finish each year, the following new wrestlers will be unlocked:

Ivory - 1 year
Prince Albert - 2 years
Jacqueline - 3 years
Viscera - 4 years
Mideon - 6 years
Gerald Brisco - 7 years
Pat Patterson - 8 years

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