Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete


Beating the Mushroom Boss
Make sure you're at level 16 of higher. Before going in to battle, have Alex and Luna separated. This helps against the Mushroom's 1-person attack. When the battle starts, have Alex use Vigor. Have Luna use the song that makes people stronger on Alex. Every turn, have Alex use his strongest magic and have Luna repeatedly use her Tranquility song to heal. This guy's a toughie. Good luck.

Beating the Slime Boss
Get all of your characters to at least level 11 and Alex at level 12. Have Alex use Vigor and his strength will go up about 22 points on average. Have Luna use Cascade Song on Alex and his strength will go up about 15 points. Have Ramus attack always. Have Nash use Thunder Bomb every turn. Have Alex use Sword Dance. With all the power-ups he should now be doing about 250 points of damage to the slime monster. Have Luna heal whenever needed. For good measure have Luna use Cascade song on Ramus for a little extra damage.

Free Money
When you are going to fight Galeon near the end of the game, visit Ramus's shop first. He will offer you free items and weapons. Buy a bunch of stuff from him and then sell it back. you can do this as much as you want, of course by the time this part of the game occurs, you won't be needing money much longer...oh well

Get Royce's Bromide
After Mel gets turned to stone go to Black Rose Street and talk to everybody. Eventually you will get Royce's bromide from the man that kept talking about wanting to be her slave.

Get the Ice Mace
When you get to the old hag's house keep talking to the old hag until she takes the second cane from you (the one Brett gave you.) When you get to Vane talk to the old hag's sister on black rose street until she admits that she misses her sister. When you have the dragon wings go back to the old hag's house and she will give you a very powerful weapon,the Ice Mace.
NOTE: Only Jessica can use this weapon.

Hidden Game
Insert the "Making of Lunar" CD-ROM in your PlayStation then turn it on. When you see a man drawing a picture, right at the beginning, press: Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, and Start. Then you should be at a screen that reads "Lords of Lunar", click on the "Start the Game" button and play. This game is a really freaky pong twist. Have fun playing!

Jessica's Bromide
To get Jessica's bromide, visit Althena's shrine after Kyle joins your party. On the right side of the shrine is a girl who claims to be Jessica's sister. keep talking to her until you get the bromide.

Jessica's Bromide 2
This is the hardest bromide in the game: The 1st time you go to Lann and meet Jessica, sail to the island but come back immediately. Talk to the guy that owns the boat until he comments on how "purdy" she is. If he says something else, just keep trying until he says the right thing. Now, much later in the game, after Alex is a Dragonmaster but before you visit the Grindery, talk to the same guy and he will give you Jess Bromide.

Jessica's Bromide 3
After you play Kyle alone fighting Xenobia's demons in the Nanza Pass, watch the scene but DON'T talk to him afterwards. Instead, go to his bedroom and look under his bed for another Jess Bromide.

Location of all 13 Red Locked Chests
In order to unlock all the chests you must first become a member of the Thief's Guild.

In Reza, behind the building on the west side of town. (Silver Light)

Go to Burg, the chest in Ramus' bedroom. (Garbage Can Lid)

Travel to Saith, southwest house, second floor. (Protection Ring)

Old Sea Hag's House, chest in the basement. (Silver Light)

Meribia, southwest middle house in the group of three. (1000s)

Go to the Meribian Sewers via Mel's mansion. The locked chest at the lowest level. (Silver Light)

Enter the Cave of Trial through the tiny building in Vane. (Soap)

In Vane across from Althena's Statue hidden behind the building. (Devil Pendant)

South Mountain Pass from Nanza. (Silver Light)

Travel to Lann, behind to northeast house. (Silver Light)

Go to Meryod behind the southwest house. (Silver Light)

Go to the Meryod Wood, behind the tree in the northwest corner. (Fortune Ring)

Travel to the Weird Woods, in the north east corner of thee woods there is a very well hidden chest. (Wrath Ring)

Luna's Bromides
Luna bromide 1: After Luna has been captured, go to Alex house's basement and check the shelves.

Luna bromide 2 : At the end of the game, Ramus will give it to you.

Mia's Bromides
Mia bromide 1 : When you have Nash, you will have it. Mia bromide 2 : After Nash blows a hole in the ship, go to Iluck in the top right house , the guy will give you the bromide. Mia bromide 3 : Before going to the frontier, visit the magic guild vane, in the right hand side classroom and talk to the student in the back left seat couple of times.

To play the mini-game insert "The Making of Lunar" CD and when it is starting press up, down , left, right, triangle, start.

Phacia's Bromide
After Phacia reveals herself to be an enemy in the Star Chamber, head back to the Althena Temple and talk to the priestess in the back room. She will give you Phacia's Bromide.

View All Cut-scenes
First you have to put the making of Lunar CD into your Playstation and then do the Lords of Lunar code (up, down, left, right, Hold triangle and press start) and then take the CD out of the Playstation and then put the game CD in to the Playstation and press exit so that it will load the other game and then it will play all the FMV's in the entire game! (Note: it will show the title FMV first because is the first FMV in the game, to make sure you did it correctly it will only be about 6/8 of the normal screen.

Xenobia's Bromide
This one is fairly difficult to get, because few people want to hang around the Frontier longer than necessary! In the mines, make sure you free the trapped man. After you see the Grindery leave much later, go back to the man and he will give you Xenobia's Bromide

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