Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore

Bouncy Boobies:
Go to the menu called "other". In there, the age you enter determines how bouncy the girls are - the higher or the more "mature" your age, the bouncier they get.

Big heads:
First, beat the game with any girl. Then at the start screen, press and hold X, Circle, Square, Triangle, and Up.

Control the Victory Cam:
To Control the camera while your character is doing the victory pose, press the green triangle button. You can use the the control pad to move the camera up, down, ect. and use the square button to zoom in and the circle button to zoom out.

Full option screen:
Press start during a game and tap x and triangle at the same time.

See the CG gallery:
Finish team mode using 5 characters.

Play as Bayman

Beat story mode with all the characters on the easy difficulty setting to unlock Bayman in all modes except story mode.

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